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Get-together for Girls in Rome


Get-together for girls in Rome (Italy), October 26, 2013.

On Saturday, October 26th, in Rome (Italy), we had a get-together for girls from 6-16 years old in the house of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother.


We began with welcoming all the girls at 10:00 a.m.  To dispose ourselves to receive all the graces that the Lord had prepared for us we went to the chapel to pray and offer up the day.  Then we sang some songs.  Our first activity was to make a cake, and we divided ourselves into two teams to make this delicious dessert.

Afterwards we played some games, having a lot of fun. At 12:00, when  the church bells rung, we stood before the image of Our Lady to pray the Angelus.  Then we set the table to eat lunch and to enjoy the cake that we had made in the morning.  Once we finished lunch, we cleared the table and had more time for songs with hand motions.  All the girls enjoyed it.


That afternoon we divided ourselves in two groups, the older girls in one group and the younger girls in another, to have a meeting.  In the group with the little girls, we spoke about our guardian angels.  They were very spontaneous, asking many questions to clear up their doubts. They were very willing to learn more about God. There were all kinds of reflections and questions: Does the devil hate God? Why? Where do the angels live? I would like to know what heaven is like, but I have to die for that, and I don't want to die! Are God and the devil at war? And that is how our discussion went.  Everyone participated, creating an atmosphere of openness and trust in which we all were enriched.  With the older girls we talked about the sincerity with God, with oneself, and with others. There were also other topics that came up and we reflected together on many things.  It was very good.

convivenciasWhen the meeting had finished we prepared the tables for arts and crafts.  The little girls made cards to hang an image of the guardian angel, and the older girls made angels to hang in their bedroom.

When we finished the crafts, we got together to read and to practice a skit about the Annunciation, while we explained the mystery and showed them the readiness, the surrender and the trust that Our Lady had, and how we must imitate her, being docile to the will of God.

We finished our get-together with more games, songs and giving thanks to God for all the graces we had received.

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