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Waiting for Baby Jesus


Girls' get-together in Alcalá de Guadaíra, Seville (Spain), December 14th and 21st, 2013.

Once again, in the Shrine of "Nuestra Señora del Águila" of Alcalá de Guadaira, on December 14th and 21st, we had a get-together for girls. The theme was: prepare yourself to receive the Child Jesus.

It began at 11:00 a.m. by learning two christmas songs with instruments included. The sisters gave points of meditation, inviting the girls to reflect about Advent and the importance of cleaning our hearts from everything that makes them dirty and brings us farther from God, which is sin. After a time of personal prayer, they freely went up to an image of Our Lady placed before the altar, and at her feet there was a basket with papers in which were written small sacrifices (not to eat candy, pray for the end of evil, not to see the television, visit a sick person...) to prepare our hearts.  They offered it in silence something personal to the Virgin and picked out a paper with the commitment of trying to do it until the 24th.


Thanks to the collaboration of Fr. José Manuel, a priest of the Parish of the Immaculate here in Alcalá, we had confessions both days.  Although the girls were nervous, they came out of confession radiant and happy to have cleaned their heart.  Try it yourself and you will see how true it is!

Around 12:00 we began our traditional craft which in this occasion was quite involved, and  which put to the test the ability and the imagination of the girls to put in place the macaroni, chick peas, beans... On top of a cardboard star in which they went spreading glue, they glued on the peaks of the star the pasta, the chick peas, the beans, leaving a circle in the center.  After this we spray painted it gold, and in the center we put a candle surrounded by a Christmas ribbon and a pointsetta that they also made with red and green felt.  The result was a pretty decoration for the Christmas dinner.  All the girls brought it home with the intention of putting it on the table for Christmas Eve, saying a prayer as a family and then eat dinner with the candle lit as a sign that the Child Jesus has been born.


After the craft and with our stomachs grumbling, we ate dispersed throughout the Shrine’s plaza with a splendid sun in the middle of December.  Then we had time to finish off the craft and for a small group discussion using an article of the kid’s magazine “HM Zoom”, reading a letter of the Child Jesus that made them reflect and realize what is really important in these days and in their life.

Since the girls were tired of sitting, we put ourselves in movement with a super fun game of hints through which they had to find the Child Jesus who was hidden.  Shouts, races, nervousness... we had a great time with much laughter and teamwork.

In this get-together there was a novelty.  The mothers and some girls came an hour before it finished to learn how to make waffles and talk about the education of the children and other topics that worried them.  It was a very good experience and they left excited to repeat it in the next get-together.  And the waffles? Delicious, and the best part was the satisfaction of making more than 80 girls and some mothers happy with very little.

We give thanks to God that he permits us to do this work.  Until next time!

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