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A girl helps the Nuncents campaign

nuriaA member of HMY found a creative way to collaborate with the Nuncents campaign and with Missionary Groups of the Home of the Mother.

Since she heard about the Nuncents campaign, which the Servant Sisters started to raise funds for HM Television, Nuria, a 9 year-old member of the Home, got down to work to do her part. It was not anything extraordinary. She explains it in this simple way: “I heard about the campaign in a talk, and decided I wanted to help.”

Nuria, from Torrent (Valencia), Spain, has a commitment as an apprentice in the Home of the Mother Youth since about a year ago. When she started to think about ways she could help out, she found some hama beads (an arts and crafts material) in her house, and thought that lots of people would like to buy Christmas decorations. You make the design you want with these little plastic beads, and when you iron it, the beads melt, fixing the design in place. “I make the design, and my mom irons them.”


Nuria tell us how this does not distract her from her schoolwork. “When I come home from school, I do my homework first, and then I make the decorations.” She gets her ideas from Christmas photos or looking at other designs online, and then she makes her hama designs.

She then sells her decorations to her classmates at school, to her mom’s friends and to her family. Then, each Thursday when she goes to the Sisters’ house in Torrent, she gives them a little bag with the money she earned, which is usually about 6-8 euros a week. She also took up the idea that the Sisters mentioned in the Nuncents video, and keeps her eyes on the ground when she walks down the street to see if she can find a coin or two.

Nuria found a way to help. “It’s not like an obligation; I don’t know, I’m happy when I help.” Now that Nuncents has reached its goal, she wants to continue sending her money to Ecuador, to help Missionary Groups of the Home of the Mother, or wherever it’s needed. “What do I need so much money for?”

We should all follow this little girl’s example, and seek ways to help others with the talents God has given us.


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