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Good and Evil…What Do You Choose?

chicasGet together of girls in Macael, Almería (Spain), October 25, 2014.

The theme of this get together was 'good and evil... what do you choose?' We reflected on the difference that exists between the culture of life and good with regard to the culture of death and evil, since in the next few days we will celebrate the great solemnity of all saints, obscured in our society by Halloween.

We wanted the girls to realize that evil is something ugly that drags us into darkness, sadness, sin and finally, to death; and that Christians don’t want that, instead we want to do good, be bearers of joy, life, light, hope, love and forgiveness. We opted for the culture of life, just like our brothers the Saints, who found the true joy, the light and the beauty in all that God has created. They are our models and older brothers of the faith, saints of all the ages, also saints and young blesseds, as St. Dominic Savio, Chiara Luce, etc., to whom we entrust ourselves and ask for their help.


To start the get together with the right spirit, we first spent some time in prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. One of the sisters gave some points of meditation and then we had some quiet time to be able to speak with Jesus. After prayer, we had a meeting on the topic of the get togethers and showed a montage of ugly images of being immersed in sin, in the destruction, selfishness, in death..., followed by stunning images of purity, good, peace, joy, truth and holiness, with examples of young Saints. The girls participated during the meeting; they really enjoyed it and decided to reject evil and to choose the good in their lives, shouting together in one voice: 'We want the good, not evil!’

After playing a while and having overcome all the tests, it was time to regain our strength by eating a delicious sandwich and then we had time to sing, play, etc.


In the afternoon we made a handcraft that consisted of a pendant for the backpacks of a ‘missionary octopus’ that would include a phrase that spoke to us about God. In that way we would then have the opportunity to speak of God to our classmates.

But it did not end there. After doing the crafts, we watched a film on the life of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who had to fight in his life for the good and the truth. After seeing it, we reflected on the importance of the saints and of the great mission to bring many souls to God, rescuing them from evil and sin.

The final surprise, before saying goodbye to the Lord and Our Mother by singing a couple of songs in the chapel to give thanks for a splendid day, was the raffle of a surprise gift: a subscription to the HM Zoom+ magazine , which in the midst of great excitement and intrigue, one of the girls received.

What will be the surprise of the next get together? It won't be just one; there will be many surprises in the next get together. We give thanks to God for all that we have received and let’s get ready for the next one. Don't miss it!

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