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Holyween in La Aldehuela

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Girls get-together in La Aldehuela, Madrid (Spain), from October 31 thru November 2, 2014.

The past All Saints Day, a group of girls, along with the community of Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother in Móstoles, met in La Aldehuela, in Perales del Rio, where there is a convent of Discalced Carmelites and a small house for gatherings.

Upon arrival, we got situated and then had a meeting about Halloween, since it was October 31st and many people were going to celebrate this pagan and meaningless holiday. As we had doubts, the sisters answered all our questions, always telling us the truth and making us see that we cannot be guided by today's world. When the meeting ended, we became wonderful cooks preparing delicious apple pies, which we devoured as dessert after an abundant dinner amidst lots of laughter.

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And to end the day, well, we had a little scavenger hunt based on the lives of some young Saints, where we laughed a lot. We had a holy hour to pray for all the young people who had done, and would be doing, so much damage to the Lord during that night. We stayed with Him, comforting Him and accompanying Him in His loneliness.

Saturday was very promising, for the sisters had prepared a trip to spend the day in Madrid. Full of enthusiasm, we left for Madrid. The purpose of the trip was to visit two churches where the bodies of two “ Servants of God” (girls on their way to becoming saints) rested: Maria Pilar Cimadevilla (better known as Pilina), who died at the age of 12; and Alexia, who died at age 14. We loved learning about their lives and the way in which they died, completely trusting in God. It was a good way to start All Saint’s Day, learning many things about these two girls who will soon be Saints, God willing.


For lunch, we went to visit some cloistered nuns, who received us with much warmth. They are Oblates of Jesus the Priest. They prepared a delicious snack and received us in the convent´s locutory so that we could talk with them. It was a very pleasant evening which ended with the prayer of Vespers in Latin with the Blessed Sacrament exposed in their chapel. Although it was hard to follow, we loved being there and being able to hear the sisters sing.

After the hard day of walking around Madrid and visiting places, we arrived at our house. After dinner, the moment that many had been eagerly awaiting had arrived: game night! We had a great time and we laughed a lot.

convis santos

The next day we commemorated the faithful departed. We went to mass with the Carmelites, there in their convent. When we finished breakfast and cleaned up the house a little, we went to a nearby farm where we were invited to go horseback riding. It was great. We were able to take a stroll, see many horses and play a game of soccer.

And, with all this, our get-together came to an end, because after lunch, we said good-bye and returned to our homes.

We give thanks to God and to Our Lady for allowing us to have received so much throughout the weekend, on both a human and spiritual level. We entrust ourselves to all the young saints whose lives we got to know a little bit more about and from which we learned a lot. Now it’s time to put everything that we learned into practice, which is the most difficult thing to do, but has the most merit. All the Saints of God, pray for us!

By Teresa García Serrano, HMJ

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