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Leo and Judit's wedding

leo juditLeonardo and Judit's wedding in Perales del Río, Madrid (Spain), on September 27, 2014.

All mothers like taking part in the preparation of the wedding of their children, and our Mother, the Virgin Mary, was not going to be left out of it. She already made it clear in the Wedding of Cana, with her care, disposition and service, that she was an excellent events organizer. So, who better than she to entrust the preparation of our wedding to? It was easy to entrust it to her and to the Lord, seeing as we had been enganged for three years and sensing Her hand in every moment of our walk together.

She never disappoints ... and on the day of our wedding she fully surpassed our expectations. I would define it as a 'Home wedding', because everything that characterizes the Home was present during the day: happiness, simplicity, service, brotherhood... The sacrament and the presence of the Lord and of our Mother stood out amongsth everything else and this way exactly what we were looking for.

leo judit3

We had already decided that we did not want our wedding to turn into the typical money-spending spectacle that these events are turning out to be these days, but we did want it to be something beautiful and special. And our Mother took care of everything: She speeded up the paperwork, which was late in coming; she obtained a beautiful church with priests who bent over backwards for us; a small house in a convent for lunch; a priest to preside the mass, She was the one who worried about our proper preparation for this day; many wonderful people who offered us their time preparing cakes and delicious desserts, people to decorate the Church, the Reception room (with tablecloths and plastic dishes that looked spectacular), to prepare the bride’s dress, makeup and the hairdressing, to organize the meal, to take hundreds of photos, to prepare the wedding favours for the guests, to lend us many things (even their car for one week), to buy things for the big day...and many people praying for us. She even gave us the last minute surprise of Father Rafael and Mother Ana´s unexpected presence, as well as a few Servant Brothers and Servant Sisters, who were able to attend and share with us this day.

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There was only one thing that was worrying us a little, and that was that our families would be comfortable on this day, since for the majority of them, a wedding celebrated this way surely would be strange. But the Virgin Mary played her part here as well, and we believe that the majority of the family members left with a positive feeling. ‘A marvelous day, original, unique, different and emotional wedding,' were some of the comments that they made.

The ceremony began at twelve o'clock. We had the real feeling that the Lord was between us, blessing this relationship that He had started three years earlier, giving us his grace and sealing this mutual self-giving to which we were committing ourselves. The celebration that followed was pleasant and very special. We shared a simple meal, in a warm and relaxed environment with relatives, friends and members of the Home.


After coffee, we showed two videos that I had prepared as a gift to Leo: one about what I had learned about love in this time that we have been together and another one with video clips from his family that, because of the distance (Leo is Argentinian), could not be with us on this day. Between this presentation and the short improvised speech that we gave a bit later to thank everyone present for the help and support they had given us ... we all ended up crying!

At the end, along with some people that stayed, we had a meeting with Father Rafael in which we reflected on the sacrament we had celebrated and other married couples shared their experiences with us.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who accompanied us on this day and to all those who could not be present, but that remembered us so much. From beginning to end, our wedding day was wonderful! This shows us, once again, that when we place God above all and following his teachings, the final outcome is always better than we can imagine. I hope we will always remember of all this, now in the new path that we have just begun together.

- By Judit, LHM

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