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International Weekend

convisaldeGet together for girls in La Aldehuela, Madrid (Spain), March 20 thru 22, 2015.

The weekend of March 21-22, a group of girls of different ages, together with the community of Servants Sisters of the Home of the Mother of Móstoles, met at the convent of the Discalced Carmelites of La Aldehuela (Perales del Río, Madrid), where they always give us a warm welcome.

On Friday, we dedicated the time to settle ourselves and to get to know each other, and the sisters explained to us about the necessary disposition one needs to have in order to live a good get together.


On Saturday we began our “International weekend” in the purest African style. After receiving the food for the soul with the Eucharist and for the body with a good breakfast, we set off to a nursing home in Carabanchel which is managed by the Sisters of the Elderly Homeless. It was a very good experience for the girls, since we were able to spend all day with the sisters, participating in the activities they carry out regularly: helping to feed the sickest elders, speaking with them, moving wheelchairs, cleaning up the dining room, playing bingo, singing songs... It was a very well spent Saturday.


To top it all off, we had the opportunity to go to confession, which was also very good for us. But there was more, because when we got to the house: a real African holiday was awaiting us! While the sisters were preparing a succulent dinner for us, the girls learned an African dance and after having dinner, we represented it as a praise to Our Mother, offering with it an intention we had previously written down in our time of prayer.

And on Sunday to finish off the get together, we enjoyed an American-style breakfast, had time for games, made a cool bracelet and enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal.

We give thanks to the Virgin Mary, whose real presence was felt among us these days and we ask not to forget what we have learned and for each one of us to be able to live it in our homes and environments.



After so many years in the Home of the Mother you might think that I have already seen everything, and even believe that the get together can be monotonous, but this is not the case. This does not happen in the Home, because it doesn’t matter how many get togethers you have been to, you never feel that one is the same as the previous one. And that is a wonderful thing.

This weekend has been full of surprises, love, desire and giving of ourselves to others. After visiting the elderly residence, we all verified how Jesus can become present through one of these elderly, who becomes happy just because you showed him the childlike gesture of singing a song with him while playing bingo. It has helped me a lot to do prayer with the Blessed Sacrament exposed; remembering his passion on the cross makes my problems seem so insignificant and it renews my strength. The themed meals have been great, allowing us to love other cultures.

And all this without losing sight of God and the Virgin Mary, who are our point of support and our center. There is no need to travel to the antipodes to feel them close, but by helping the first person you find or smiling even though you have no energy left, you already feel that you are an instrument of His love. Coming out of yourself, thinking more of others, making that small sacrifice, you realize that you feel a happiness so pure that it could not have been achieved otherwise.


Yes, definitely life is always a new adventure and more when you share it with God.

-Victoria Luz (20 years)

I have enjoyed myself because I have learned new things about God and the Virgin Mary. Also living together with people I did not know previously has helped me a lot.

-Ana Galán (13 years)

It has been a very nice experience, I have done a lot of thinking about Jesus and Mary to see what I can do for them and I felt pretty good when helping the elderly. It has also been a lot of fun to spend time with people who are more or less my same age.

-Cristina Parra (14 years)


For me this get together has been an unforgettable experience, since I have learned to help others each day a little more and this has helped me to try to get along with others.

-Verónica Clemente (12 years)

I am delighted to have lived my second get together with the Home of the Mother in a pleasant atmosphere in the company of the sisters and some great girls. We have shared unforgettable moments of fun, games, team work, prayer… I was filled with enthusiasm with the visit to the elderly and were able to get them to crack a smile and them to us. I won’t miss the next get together!

-Paula Gómez (12 years)

This experience has been one of the best I've ever had in my life, and it has taught me to collaborate with others, to help people who need it most and to meet new people. What made me the happiest was seeing the smiles of the elderly.

-Laura Galán (12 years)


This has been my first get together with the home and I had a great time. I have met many girls who are very nice that I have gotten to like. I have learned to pray better and to help more, and I liked being with the elderly, because they were very happy with our visit.

-Jennifer Rodríguez (14 years)

This get together has been an unforgettable experience, because every minute that I have spent with the sisters I have learned something new. Also I have made an effort to spend time with very different people, from different places. Saturday was spectacular, because we went to an elderly homeless residence and I left there with the desire to live as these elders do. Also I have gotten to know God and the Virgin Mary more and give them thanks for the sisters, the monitors and the other girls.

-Paula Mirado (14 years)

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