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Fight the Good Fight

campaEEUUGirls’ Summer Camp in Florida, USA, July 19-25, 2015.

“I have fought the good fight to the end…” -2 Timothy 4:7

In the backwoods of Florida 70 girls from all over the United States fought the good fight of the faith, living out the theme for this years summer camp.

The Annual Home of the Mother of All Humanity, Mother of the Youth Summer Camp kicked off with an opening Mass, celebrated by the Servant Brothers of the Home of the Mother for all of the campers and their families.

Each day was packed with activities, such as team games, sports, challenges, crafts and night games, as well as daily trips to the lake.

How do you fight the good fight at Summer Camp?


We had a blast at summer camp with so many intense activities, amongst which lie numberless opportunities which the Lord gives us to overcome ourselves, grow in virtue and draw closer to Him.

The first step to fighting the good fight is knowing that you are actually in a battle, that´s right, whether you like it or not. And this rigorous fight consists in the little things you live everyday. This is what we try to live at the Home of the Mother Summer Camps. From the moment we get up we have to overcome our laziness and as the song goes, ¨rise and shine to give God the glory. ¨ We strive to give thanks to the Lord for the joys we live during the day and offer to the Lord our sufferings to save souls, even if it means eating all the food on my plate, even what I don´t particularly like. The point system at the end of the day really helps us to see if we are actually growing in virtues such as obedience, generosity, joy, order, and unity, and shows us what we need to work on.

"I met Jesus."


Everyday the Sisters give us points of meditation to help us to pray and we spend time in silence before Jesus present in the Eucharist. We go to daily Mass to receive Jesus in the Eucharist and receive formation from the homilies given by the Servant Brothers. Throughout the week we have the opportunity to go to Confession. All of the joy in our games and activities throughout the rest of the day comes from having a clean soul full of the grace of God.

On the last day, we had a big fiesta. Each team performed the skit they had been preparing during the week, prizes were given to the girls who overcame themselves or really stood out in virtue and later there was a special surprise: fireworks!

We give thanks to the Lord and our Lady for allowing us to live this summer camp close by their side and we pray the the fruits and graces received will continue to give glory to the Lord.

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