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Learning How to Love

alcalaHome of the Mother retreat for lay members on October 18th, 2015 in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville), Spain.

On Saturday, the 18th of October, we had a gathering with the Home of the Mother members of Álcala de Guaidaíra in the Shrine of the Virgin de la Águila of the mentioned city.

It was raining quite heavily and the wind was picking up. Nonetheless, the weather did not impede any of the participants of the special gathering from having a good time, both humanly and spiritually speaking. In fact, many people were surprised of just how good a time everyone was having! It had been months since the last gathering and so many came eagerly and with their hearts open to God.

It all began at twelve o´clock with the prayer of the Angelus before the beautiful statue of Our Lady there in the shrine and afterwards we had exposition of the Most Holy Sacrament. Safely out of the rain and wind and in the presence of the Lord, it seemed as if God was embracing us.


Sister Estrella gave points of meditation to reflect upon in the time of adoration. The topic was mercy. As sinners, we are in debt to God because of the sins that we have committed. We need to go before God, recognizing our sins and asking Him forgiveness in order to receive His mercy and be to others as He is to us, merciful.

Sister Virginia took part by playing the guitar and singing songs. How important it is to believe in and receive God´s Mercy in order to renew oneself interiorly and learn how to truly love!

Next, Sister Maite gave a talk about mercy. Many persons, in general, believe that you cannot de merciful and just; you are either one or the other. Nothing is farther from the truth. And you won´t understand this unless you see it in God. If He doesn´t correct us when we are wrong, we won´t be able to change for the better, nor would we be able to help others change for the better.

After the reserve of the Blessed Sacrament, the scenery changed. We went to a room connected to the shrine where we all ate lunch together. Each member of the Home brought some food or drink to share with the others. It was a joyful time to talk and share together as we ate.

After lunch, the sisters introduced a game that they had prepared, the theme being MERCY, of course! What a clean and innocent way to have fun! There were moments when we couldn´t stop laughing.

The moment finally arrived when we all had to say goodbye. It was past 5 o´clock in the afternoon and we all had other obligations to fulfil. We said good-bye to each other with joy in our faces and our spirits filled with blessings.

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