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I Was Hungry and You Gave Me to Eat

darcomida2Feeding the poor through the streets of Santander (Spain). Wednesday, November 11, 2015.

“I assure sure you that whenever you did it to one of these, my humble brothers, you did it to me …” (M 25, 40) It was an idea that we had been thinking about for a few days, but we left it like many things that occur to us and never happens: feeding the poor on the streets of Santander.

The group of the HMY that is now in Barcenilla (Cantabria - Spain); it’s made up of 5 girls. Whenever one of us went to the university, we always saw a lot of poor people on the street and we kept telling ourselves many times, “we have to go, we have to go …” And today, finally, we did go. Some didn’t really feel like going, others were embarrassed… but in the end we all went. We brought lunch from home, around eight bags with fruit and sweets, and we gave them out to those who were on the street. Each one with their own history: widowed and out of work; other illegal immigrants; a pilgrim with his wife in the hospital... When we started, we were a little hesitant to get close, in case people looked at us, concerned that we were going to be reject by the person... we gave them the bag of food along with a picture of the Virgin and a rosary and while talking to them making them see the importance of relying on Our Mother to be able to deal with your situation.

It was impressive to see how each one reacted, not only on having seen that we were interested in them but also on having seen the picture of the Virgin Mary: some of them were looking at her and were giving her a kiss, others were showing us the crosses that they had hanging around their neck and were saying to us that they believed and prayed. Others, when we were leaving and we looked back, were separating the bag of food and were there just looking at the picture of the Virgin Mary, some with hope…

Something that impressed us a lot is that none of them blamed God for the situation in which they are..

It has been an experience that has encouraged us to do it more often knowing that “whenever you did it to one of these, my humble brothers, you did it to me …” (M 25, 40)

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

Sr. Clare Continues Among “The Saints Next Door”

A year ago Sr. Clare was invited to partake in the exposition “Young Witness of the Faith, the Saints Next Door.”

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