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Sculptor of Souls

NiñasGirls' get-together and boys' get-together in Torrent (Valencia), Spain on November 14th, 2015.

The Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother in our community of Torrente, Valencia had the first girls´ get-together of the school year. There were about 30 girls who took part in the get-together, some of them were familiar faces because they are faithful get-together goers and some of the faces were new. The Servant Brothers of the Home of the Mother simultaneously had a boys´ get-together with 12 boys in a nearby park where they had games and fun activities, but also time of prayer and an ongoing education in Christian values.

The day started at 11:00 AM with fun songs and dances while they girls were arriving. When they were all there we all went to the chapel to have a time of prayer. One of the sisters talked to us about how Jesus is like a sculptor who wants to sculpt His image in our souls which are so deformed by sin…to be more like Him we need to frequent the Eucharist, confession, prayer and practice the virtues.


With our souls transformed we went to the kitchen where we made some amazing truffles!

We were able to overcome the temptation to eat them and we went outside to participate in a fun clue game which included a relay race. The whole theme for the game was the Mystical Body of Christ. The morning flew by and before we knew it lunch time had arrived! We ate outside in a little grotto of Our Lady and afterwards we had a meeting about Advent and how to prepare ourselves from here on out for Christmas.

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On the Official Guayaquil Archdiocese Radio Station

On «¡Joven, levántate!» on Radio Santiago youth members and sisters gathered around the microphones to speak about Sr. Clare.

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