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The White Star of the Sea

blancaestrellaPilgrimage of the LHM to Olón, Santa Elena (Ecuador), on November 15, 2015.

On a natural cliff over the Pacific, near the fishing village of Olón, the Swiss priest Othmar Stäheli built a shrine dedicated to Mary under the advocation of the White Star of the Sea.

Located between Olón and Montañita, the Shrine has the form of a sailboat anchored on the edge of a natural gorge, where you can see a wonderful panoramic view of the sea.

In the crypt that is beneath the Church there is an image of Mary the Mystic Rose, who on November 11, 1990 wept tears of blood. Many people have found body and spiritual healing in this place.

The Lay Members of the Home of the Mother of Chone and Playa Prieta (Ecuador) went there on a pilgrimage on Sunday, November 15.


We left early in the morning by bus which took us to Portoviejo, where we attended the Holy Mass in the Cathedral of this Manabitan city. After eating breakfast, we continued our journey to reach the goal of our pilgrimage: Olón, in Santa Elena. There, the consecrated who are responsible for the shrine welcomed us kindly and explained to us how the Virgin of the Mystic Rose wept tears of blood in 1990. From that moment, the Virgin has been exposed for veneration by the faithful. They explained to us that this image is an exact copy of the image of the Mystic Rose who is venerated in Montichiari (Brescia, Italy). The Virgin Mary appeared there asking for prayer, sacrifice and reparation. This is what the three roses (white, red and Golden) that are on her chest mean. Our Lady asked for three things:

1.- Reparation for the offenses to the Lord by women religious who betray their vocation.
2.- Reparation for the offenses to the Lord by women religious living in mortal sin.
3.- Reparation for the offenses made to Our Lord by the Priests who are like Judas- and pray, in particular, for the sanctification of all priests.

With this message we stayed praying in the Chapel, next to the Blessed Sacrament and the Virgin Mary. In the afternoon we were able to pray the Rosary right there and have another intimate moment with our Lady.

We returned home with a heart full of love for Our Mother and full of gratitude for the many graces poured on each one of the pilgrims.

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Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

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