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ConvivenciasBoy’s get together in Torrent, Valencia (Spain), November 14, 2015.

The boys from the parishes of “St. John Bosco”, “St. Dionisio” and “St. Pancracio”, gathered in Torrent (Valencia), on November 14th, in the convent of the Servants Sisters of the Home of the Mother. After we all had gathered in Torrent, we went by car to a park called Canyada of Conill. When we arrived at the Park we introduced ourselves. We were thirteen kids in total.

After introducing ourselves, we played a soccer match. Meanwhile, Father Reinhard went to explore the Park, and found a large forest. At the end of the match we all went there. We climbed through a path into the forest, and when we arrived, we ate at the picnic tables. After eating, we had a good time playing guerrillas, flags and scarves. It was a great place for it!

JuegoWhen the boys had calmed down, after having played for a while, we sat down to listen to a talk about St. Dominic Savio. They told us some anecdotes on friendship, forgiveness and of his great love for the Eucharist. We really liked the example of when there was a confrontation between two boys of the oratory, where St. Dominic lived; they were going to hit each other with stones. Dominic stood between them with a crucifix, saying that the first stone had to be directed at him, so they would not sin of hate, anger and violence. In the end the two boys reconciled with each other  

At the end of the talk, we prayed two mysteries of the Rosary for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. After praying, we returned to Torrent to conclude the get together.

Now we pray so that this was not just a matter of helping the boys have fun. What we want, above all, is to help them to reflect and follow the example of St. Dominic Savio, to encourage them to live well their faith.

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