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playaOKCampaign in Playa Prieta, Manabí (Ecuador) to obtain funds for the persecuted Christians, December 2015.

Help us to help! This is the name of the campaign that we carried out during the month of December, aimed at raising funds for the missions.

We know that our fellow Christians are being persecuted for their faith and dying for defending it above anything else.

That is why we, the students of the second year of High School of the educational unit 'The Sacred Family', located in Playa Prieta (Ecuador), have had initiative of carrying out various activities to raise funds and send them to a refugee camp in Syria.

It should be noted, that our Christian-Catholic institution is also supporting these people providing spiritual support through prayer.

The first thing we did was to make ourselves some piggy banks to distribute to all the classrooms of the school. Thus, throughout the campaign, each day the students could demonstrate the generosity of their heart by filling up the piggy bank. As we have a carpentry workshop, we had tools for sanding and varnishing the canes that we used for the piggy banks. We then put a picture of the Christians who are being persecuted for their faith on the money box.

One of the main activities that we carried out was the movie-mission. Fridays and Saturdays of each week of December we invited all the students to enjoy a nice movie in our Auditorium. The admission cost $1.00 if it was a normal entrance and $1.50 if it was located in the VIP area. This price included a bag of popcorn and a cola.

Another day we went with the piggy banks to the Chico River market to ask the people that were there for donations. We were a bit embarrassed to do it, but we made the effort for the Christians.


We also organized a raffle asking for gifts from the different classrooms. At recess students could purchase their ticket for $ 0.25, $ 0.50 or $ 1.00 and enjoy the gift that they won in the raffle.

It also occurred to us to raffle a few tubs of Nutella and it was a success because we love chocolate... But all the benefits went to the refugee camp.

We proclaimed, with the sisters’ permission, a dress-down day in which each student could come dressed without uniform, by paying a dollar for the benefit of persecuted Christians. It was also a very good initiative.

To increase profits, one of the sisters sent a letter to the parents of the students explaining about the project and encouraging them to make their contribution as well. Certainly, they were very generous.

We also sold food at recess, and some other things; all for the same cause.

The day to pick up the boxes and count the money arrived. We were amazed when we realized that we almost reached $2,000 dollars. One morning, after the daily consecration that we make to Mary and Jesus, we informed them of what we had collected. We were about $45 dollars short to complete the $2,000 and we wished to make it a round number. At that time, the teachers met and agreed that they would make up the difference from their own salary. And just like that we had the $2,000!

We are very pleased by the small contribution that we can make to these people in need. The best thing is that not only are we sending them something material, but for a whole week we were committed to making a particular sacrifice which we wrote on a piece of paper and then put it in a box, so that our Christian brothers have the strength and encouragement needed to lay down their life for Christ.

They are a great example for us, and we give thanks for their life. We always have them in our hearts and in our prayers, thank you!

If you are interested in finding out more about the persecuted Church and how you can help them,click here: Wake Up!

The High School students of the 'Sacred Family' School.

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