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A Home of True Brothers

compromisos1Retreat and preparation for the renewal of commitments of the Laity in the Home of the Mother, Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville), Spain on January 16, 2016.

On January 16 we had a retreat to prepare for the renewal of commitments of the LHM in Alcalá de Guadaíra, Seville. During this retreat we meditated, guided by the sisters, on the need to open our hearts to God's will, to be able to say YES like Our Mother to God's plan for our lives. To forget oneself so that with full confidence in our Father, we accept what He sends knowing it is what’s best for us.

Meditating and seeing the difference between "being" in the Home and "being" the Home has made us aware of the difference and has allowed us to see where we stand. We are not in the Home because one day each one decided for some reason to "enter" the Home: because we like the sisters, because we feel at ease … This retreat has made it clear to us that it was not us who came to the Home; it has been God who has chosen each one of us to be the Home. We do not know what He has seen in us for choosing us, we only know that what is left is for us to be capable of saying YES to His plan for us.


The Home makes close companions of those who were once strangers. We would never have decided to be friends, perhaps, with this one next to me in the Home, we are so different ... But it is the Lord who has chosen that this person and I be brothers in the Home: “Brothers” During the retreat we meditated on the fact that we are one family, and as such we must renounce our selfishness for the benefit of the others.

After meditating on the responsibility of being a coherent member of the Home we prepared ourselves to share an enjoyable meal in which we all talked pleasantly about topics related to the Home.


After lunch we went on to play a game, similar to a normal board game but with questions related to the Home; the game had four categories to choose from: Statutes of the Association, the Founder and its members, History of the Home and Protector Saints of the Home. The game helped us a lot, since there were many things we did not know.

We give thanks to Our Lady of the Eagle for opening her maternal arms to us, and for guiding us to the Father. Thank you Lord, for your goodness, for accepting our limitation. Thank you for the spiritual benefits and knowledge that you have given us in this retreat. Forgive us, for allowing pride, comfort and attachments, to get in the way of saying Yes to you with the intensity that your love deserves.

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Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

A Tribute to Sr. Clare in Costa Rica

Dúo Santa Cecilia (St. Cecilia Duo) sang I Prefer Paradise as a tribute to Sr. Clare on the third anniversary of her death.

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