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mercadilloCollaboration of volunteers in the preparation and sale of various goods to help the campaigns of the Missionary Groups of the Home of the Mother.

A group of ladies, who voluntarily began making cushions for some years now, dedicate their time and their talents to making authentic beauties, then they sell them in various popular markets that are organized by the Town Hall, the brotherhoods and private associations. For them it makes no difference if it is cold or extremely hot, if they sell a lot or almost nothing, if they are tired or not. From the crack of dawn with their cars filled with materials and tables, they flock to the site of the market and begin to assemble the stand, until the last hour of the afternoon; they are always faithful. Many times they have to take turns to go to mass, because sometimes the markets are held on Sundays, or take turns to have a coffee and warm up. While some sell, others are there, still sewing hats, wool dresses, or whatever is needed. They all wear an apron which reads: '”Home of the Mother” and a poster in the tent that says: “Help the needy”.

coginesAnd, all the things that they sell: when do they make them? Several days a week, during the whole evening, some of them meet at the house of the person in charge of the group, and the rest of the articles are done on an individual basis, in their own homes, in the middle of their daily chores, while they say the rosary, watch the news or at night before going to sleep. All this is achieved thanks to the generosity of many individuals and in particular because of the generosity of a store where they obtain pieces of cloths, buttons, hooks, wool, decorations... in short, the major part of the materials that they use in doing really impressive things.

The generosity and the work for the sake of others does not leave us indifferent and right now there are nurses that help by selling things among the mothers of the children admitted to the Pediatric floor or by making wool dresses in their spare time, so that the ladies can sell them later at the markets. There is also a lady sick with cancer, who in thanksgiving for all the support that she receives from the benefits of the market, she sells them throughout Seville. Another lady sells them to the mothers of the catechism children, and they’ve even received orders from Paris from the families of some ladies.

letreroThis past year they got a total of 7,706.41 euros, of which 2,300 were earmarked for Ecuador and the rest is to help with food on a monthly basis to 8 families here.

They are delighted to be able to do this work and to see how much this activity is helping them and to all those, in Ecuador and here, who are benefiting from their generosity.

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