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Editorial from HM Magazine, May-June 2016

By now, the 190th edition of the HM Magazine for the months of May-June 2016, has already reached the homes of our subscribers.  This time it arrives a little late because due to the events that took place following the earthquake in Ecuador this past April 16, 2016, we wanted to add-in a few last minute articles, right when the magazine had already been sent to the printer.  Here we offer you the editorial article from the 190th edition of the HM Magazine, which summarizes all that the magazine includes.

HM Magazine is an expression of the spirituality of the Home of the Mother. It is published in Spanish, English, and Italian. It includes articles about faith formation, the liturgy, morals, as well as interviews and testimonies full of faith. If you would like to receive it (by mail or by e-mail), find out how by clicking here.


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On Saturday, April 16, 2016, the pages of this magazine were already in print. We have fairly rudimentary machinery and printing the magazine in full color implies passing each page through the rollers eight times: through cyan, magenta, yellow, and black on both sides. Every page that passes through the machine is accompanied by the prayers and hard work of the “printing Sisters”, who have to dodge a thousand obstacles with each issue of our magazine in order to ensure that it reaches our readers. On April 16th, all they needed was the Editorial so they could finish their part in the task of editing and design. The Sisters were already printing in black and reaching the end of their process.

However, on Saturday, April 16, 2016, at 18:58 (Ecuadorian time), a devastating earthquake hit Ecuador. Eleven Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother were trapped under the rubble of our school “Unidad Educativa Sagrada Familia”, in Playa Prieta (Manabí, Ecuador). Five of them were found alive. The other six, however, were found dead hours later. These have been days of great suffering and tears. And yet, they are also days in which we witness how when we embrace the Cross with gratitude, knowing that God is in control – and that nothing escapes Him – the Cross becomes a fount of blessings. Once more – perhaps now more than ever – we have witnessed this fact. We are convinced that we will continue seeing blessing after blessing poured out. Our Sisters’ witness of faith, love, and surrender has resounded across the world and is touching so many hearts. God knows what He’s doing. This earthquake has not slipped from His hands. Whenever He permits an evil to occur, it is only because His mercy will be able to bring so much good out of this suffering.


So, in order to share with you all what we have experienced, we decided to throw away half of the nearly finished magazine and start from scratch – editing, designing, and printing issue #190 of HM Magazine (May – June 2016) – so our readers could receive a ray of this light that, amidst all the suffering, visits us with its sweet caress. This is only an initial publication, which we hope will be followed by subsequent magazines and publications, all of them intended to spread the word on all the good that is being brought out of this situation.

We cannot end this Editorial without expressing our sincerest gratitude to Our Lady for having been so close to us in such hard times as these. When the news of what had happened in Ecuador reached Spain, it was 3:00 AM on April 17, 2016. Our initial reaction was to go immediately to the chapel to start praying Rosaries one after another. Later on, the Sisters in Guayaquil told us something that touched us all. The Sisters there had been at Mass outside their home when the earthquake hit. Thanks be to God, the earthquake was not felt as strongly in Guayaquil as it was in other places. When they returned home, they immediately went into the chapel to make sure that the Blessed Sacrament inside the Tabernacle was alright. They found everything shifted out of place: houseplants, books, the images hanging on the wall... and the Cross on the wall had fallen to the floor. However, the wooden statue of Our Lady, which is less than a meter tall, had not fallen off its pedestal. Instead, it had shifted position and was now turned, facing the Tabernacle, “looking at” Jesus. In those moments leading up to the news of our Sisters in Playa Prieta, the message was clearer than ever. Our Lady was telling us, “Look at Jesus. Look at Jesus.” This is what we have made an effort to do and what we hope you are all doing now: looking at Jesus and trying to understand what it is He asks of each one of you through the testimony of these Sisters’ lives, laid down with love.

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