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For Ecuador We Won’t Stop Working

porecuador1Flea market to raise funds to help Ecuador in Alcalá of Guadaíra, Seville (Spain), May, 2016.

The ladies that belong to the Laity of the Home of the Mother in Alcalá of Guadaíra, surprise us more and more every day with their ingenuity, their skills and their generous and disinterested use of their time to help out the people who are most in need from both Spain and Ecuador.

The truth is that they have been doing crafts for years, crafts that are more and more beautiful and ingenious. These crafts are then sold in different flea markets that they have in the area. During the spring and summer it is more difficult to sell what they make because there are no flea markets, but this has not been an obstacle to continue working on them.

por ecuador2

Since they wanted to help our brothers in Ecuador, now needier than ever as a consequence of the earthquake, on top of making their own personal economic contribution, they have designed a virtual store to try to sell their products online. Surprisingly for all, the reaction of the people has been great and they already have a bunch of orders. To promote their articles, they upload the photos of everything that they make to the web, and many people place their orders. But not only do people buy the products, but they also offer to help in whatever is necessary, making special dresses, flowers for the flamenco "fofuchas", or contributing material in order to lower the costs and be able to make a greater profit. Even their husbands collaborate by selling among their co-workers the beautiful flamenco dolls, or chickens dressed with the uniform of the local soccer teams, the Betis and the Seville.

It is incredible how God sharpens the ingenuity when He finds generous hearts that forgetting about themselves, do everything they can for others. God will undoubtedly reward such great generosity.

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