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Construction of Classrooms in Playa Prieta

ecuador1More news about the construction of the Sacred Family School in Playa Prieta (Ecuador), July 7th, 2016.

Here in Playa Prieta, the days keep getting more intense. We are seeing a beautiful and hopeful shoot budding in the midst of what was a most desolating scene just a couple of weeks ago. It is amazing seeing so many people working together for the same ideal: God’s glory and the good of the souls. We have to thank each day so many generous people, both here nearby and far away, who are making the reconstruction of the Sacred Family School possible.

Last week the dump trucks kept rolling in filled with material and dirt in order to raise the ground level. We finished raising one part of the ground where the school rooms will be built. The team in charge of building the classrooms got to work to start building the structure. They work with great zeal, even at night time! They put a flood light when it got dark and they kept working until 11 or 12 o’clock at night. And all of this they did with a smile on their faces.


Volunteers from the telephone company “Telefonica” have arrived. Thanks to their collaboration we are soon going to have 15 classrooms made of bamboo. The older students, who have already begun classes, prepared signs and songs to welcome the volunteers. Later, the volunteers unloaded all the material for the construction of the bathrooms and they immediately started to help with the cement slate where they first seven classrooms are going to be built. The cement mixer truck arrived at Playa Prieta to put the cement and in three hours it was all finished. They were sweaty and tired, but they had a smile from ear to ear and they said, “We are very satisfied with this work, we are very happy.” They asked us if we liked what they had done and we told them that we did, and we told them that we were very happy. The cameras that the volunteers brought captured our smiling faces as we contemplated the magnificent results of their work.

They are still working and preparing the ground. In this week the walls of the classrooms will the ready. We will keep you informed.


We would also like to share with you the visits we have been making to the families who have been affected by the flood and earthquake. Many have lost everything that they had: mattresses, refrigerator, bathrooms, and even their entire house. There are very sad situations. They are living right now on the dirt floor, the bathrooms they make themselves by making a hole in the ground and wood to cover it. The earthquake destroyed everything, their bathrooms were pulled out of the ground and broken, the wells were blocked. The people now live in huts that they have built themelves. Last Sunday, we gave very basic and necessary items to the families. We were able to bring material items to the families, but we were also able to bring a little bit of hope to them, showing them that we were with them. When we reached the hut of one of the people who lost their home in the earthquake, the first thing that the man did when he saw us was make the sign of the cross, lift his eyes up to heaven and start crying out of joy because someone had remembered him and his family. When we gave him a mattress he hugged sister because he didn’t know any other way to show his gratefulness. He told us a little bit about his current living conditions. Each family has a similar story. Everything we are giving to the families has been donated to us by Ana and Antonio, two Spanish missionaries who lived many years in Ecuador helping the people there. They sent us money to help all of these families who have been left with nothing. Thank you so much!

Right now, more than anything, we ask that you do not stop doing the most important thing: pray for us so that we may know how to follow the voice of Our Lady and that we may make the new school just as She wants it to be and that we do this all for the glory of her Son. Amen.

The Sisters from Playa Prieta.

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