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Inauguration of the Classrooms in Playa Prieta

telefonica1School Inauguration at the Holy Family School in Playa Prieta (Manabí), Ecuador, July 2016.

We could title the time that a group of volunteers from a private foundation has spent rebuilding our school as “They Give Joyfully”. It has certainly been enriching to see this group covered with sweat and dust at the end of each day with an ear-to-ear smile. They told us, “Sister, this work is worth it.” We have also constantly felt the help not only from those who are near, but also those from other countries. We loved hearing each one speak with their characteristic accents – Castilian Spanish, Brasilian, Argentian, Colombian, Peruvian... Everyone had they same excitement and enthusiasm to help us rebuild our school.

They also joined us on our visits to the families in our neighborhood who have been affected by the flooding and the earthquake. They were overjoyed at the welcoming of these people who were in need but at the same time so generous. Many times they would come by the school to offer them juice or fruit, anything to make the work easier.


The first week was entirely dedicated to building the new classrooms while they alternated physical work with games and other activities with the students during the second week. The children had just begun the school year. The students enjoyed all the activities so much that in the end they didn’t want the volunteers to leave.

We even had the privilege of the presence of Fr. Francisco Moro – he was the soul of our generous group of volunteers. He was able to do a lot of good, not only materially speaking with his relentless work, but above all spiritually. He was able to help the parish priest by saying Mass and helping with Confessions.

Cristobal, a member of the Home of the Mother, formed a part of the group of volunteers. He installed the water purifier for the entire school and the community families.


On the last day, as the final climax, we celebrated the inauguration of the classrooms. They gave a brief speech from a stage that they set up on our humble school grounds. Our students also thanked them for all that they have done for us.

Afterwards, we sadly said our goodbyes yet we are full of gratitude for the help they have given of rebuilding our school so that 360 students will not be left without an education.

Thank you all very much for everything.

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