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Our High School Students Help Rebuild the School

diatrabajo1A day of work with parents and students from the school “Sacred Family Educational Unit” of Playa Prieta, (Ecuador), July 30, 2016.

On Saturday, July 30, 2016, some parents and older students came to help with the reconstruction of the School “Sacred Family Educational Unit”.

The high school students immediately started to seal the classrooms with concrete in order to be able to start painting. The dads also formed another group to skim coat the walls. The mothers gave us a hand organizing and picking up material that was around the school grounds. We piled up all the leftover bamboo and pieces of wood to be used later to continue adorning the classrooms. Right now the classrooms look – let’s say - a little 'rough around the edges', but very beautiful, there’s still a lot of work to be done.


The classrooms have turned out very nicely, fresh, comfortable and safe. There’s even an area in which the children run around, they play and have a great time without anything special to entertain them. They, in their simplicity, get excited with anything. Just the fact that they are already in “their school” gives joy to their life. One day, in which a torrential rain forced us to take cover in the unfinished classrooms, turned into a party, although the mud dirtied their white sneakers and new uniforms. A parent, who was helping us move tables and chairs, told us: 'Sisters, when one comes home, one is always happy. They are already in theirs, and that’s why they are like that'... they are happy. Each grade, from within their classroom, applauded from the excitement of having a classroom of their own where to hold classes.

The families of the students were also very impressed with how quickly we are advancing with the reconstruction. All this is thanks to the generosity of all those who have supported us and keep on doing so. Thank you very much!

It was an intense morning of work; in which we were able to finish some things that were pending. The parents left feeling glad to have been able to contribute with their grain of sand. Some of the high school students stayed to eat to be able to continue skim coating the walls in the evening. They are great kids! They are really hoping to one day have a game court where to vent their youthful energy. But they wait for this day with patience …

Let's give thanks to God for everything He allows us to live through!

Written by Sr. Sara Maria Jiménez, SHM

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