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Bless Our Camp!

peranzanes1Girls Summer Camp in Peranzanes, León (Spain), from July 18th to July 28th, 2016.

From July 18th - 28th, 84 girls between the ages of 8 and 16 participated in the Home of the Mother’s summer camp in Peranzanes, León.

During these days we have enjoyed such diverse activities as hikes to the mountain, swimming in the river, and games at night, Mass, rosary, camp fires, prayer time and many more activities, through which we have been able to have fun amid a climate of closeness to God and Our Mother.

We will never forget a short hike we made to Trascastros to spend the day there and to invite the neighbors of the village to pray the Rosary with us in the Shrine. The girls went by groups walking along the streets and knocking on doors to speak with the neighbors and to invite them to the rosary. At the established time, a group of ladies from the village attended, and after we had finished praying, they told us the history of the statue and invocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in that village.


Another activity to highlight was the long hike we had with the older campers to the shelter/refuge of Teso Mular, in which we covered 12 kilometers going up and ended at the peak of the mountain that it is at 1,821 meters of altitude. There we prayed the Rosary, had more time of prayer and placed a wooden cross at the top. We spent the night in the shelter/refuge, and resumed the hike the next day. In this hike, the girls were able to offer all their effort for their own private intentions. It was a hike in which the girls forgot about themselves and helped others with their backpacks and also encouraged them to keep going.

To say thanks for all that had been received in the camp, one of the last nights of camp we had a candlelight rosary with Our Lady around the village of Peranzanes, in which the villagers also participated.


During the camp, the girls have been able to get to know the Lord and Our Mother more, both in the assemblies and meetings as well as in the Holy Hour we had on one of the days.

May we all respond with generosity to the graces received and always obey the will of God!

May the Virgin Mary protect and keep us under her mantle. May She always bless the people of Peranzanes and may She never stop blessing our summer camps.

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