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Latest news from the new community of Servant Brothers in Río Chico, Manabí (Ecuador), September 17, 2016.

Greetings from the new community of Servant Brothers in the Parrish of Río Chico, Manabí (Ecuador).

Since our arrival, on July 16, we have settled into the rectory and have entered fully into the pastoral and missionary life of the Parrish. Fifteen surrounding communies have been entrusted to us in addition to the Parrish of Río Chico. Playa Prieta where, apart from ministering to the Parrish, we spiritually attend the Holy Family Educational Center and the members of the Home of the Mother, is among these communities.

Fr. Kevin and Br. William have been present from the beginning but Fr. Matthew also arrived towards the end of August. The young people of the Home of the Mother and from the school of Playa Prieta have been very generous. They have accompanied us in our missionary activities, such as our visits to the numerous communities where we bless homes, play with the children, give catechism classes, and celebrate the Holy Mass.

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We are putting all our efforts in the reconstruction of the Río Chico church's side wall. However, it seems that the funds are not on the same level as our needs… We hope that there are generous souls willing to help us! In any case, we will have to wait quite some time to be able to celebrate the Liturgy there once again.

We have started having meetings with the altar servers in Río Chico on Saturday morning. We have another one with young men on Friday evening. The women of the EPAP (Parish Team of Pastoral Animation) will shortly start a group for the young women. We hope that soon a group of adults of the Home will be formed, like that in Playa Prieta.

The older boys of the Home, including some boys who accompany us to the missions, come to our house in Río Chico every Sunday to have an Holy Hour at three and, afterwards, to play soccer with us.


We have begun having adoration on Thursdays from three in the afternoon until Mass at seven. Providentially, we were able to inaugurate this on September 8, as a gift to Our Blessed Mother for her birthday. We hope that, through these afternoons of adoration, the devotion towards Our Lady many increase more and more. Here we also celebrate the Holy Mass every day, except on Tuesdays, when we go out to the missions.

We are still celebrating Mass every day in Playa Prieta. We spend several hours hearing the students’ confessions every week. We blessed the area where the construction of the new courtyard and the new chapel soon will begin. We are also preparing everything to rebuild the Parrish of Playa Prieta, which had to be demolished due to the damage caused by the earthquake.

We will keep you informed on further updates. We entrust ourselves to the prayers of every member of the Home.

With our prayers and blessing,
The Servant Brothers of Río Chico




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