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How Great is the Lord!

paisvasconovGet-together for families in Arkaia, Álava (Spain), on November 12, 2016.

Once again, we got together in the Arkaia’s parish house, cared for by Carlos and Beatriz, for our monthly encounter organized by the Home of the Mother. In addition to the usual participants, there were 8 young people from the Confirmation class and 6 from the Post-Communion class of Ondarroa. There were also 4 girls from the Confirmation class of Arkaia.

We counted on the help of four Servant Sisters, three Servant Brother, and three candidates from the Home of the Mother in Cantabria. We had numerous activities and celebrations during the day. We spent most of the morning in the chapel. We prayed the rosary and had Mass and time for prayer, guided in our meditation by Sr. Beatriz and the Sacred Scriptures.


In the afternoon, we split up in groups to have catechism classes given by the Servant Brothers and Sisters.

The fact that these meetings are very special and helpful is undeniable, because many people come back month after month and the number of participants has gradually increased throughout these last years. It is incredible to see the mark that these religious encounters can leave in the lives of these young people. In these meetings, the union with Our Lord and His influence over these young people is very direct. We catechists have seen and heard very surprising things. Edithson, who is 14 years old, told us at the end of the day, “I felt something very special, and I’ve been transformed. From now on, I am going to behave and be a better person.” Paxti told us that she had had the courage place her rosary on top of her desk on a day of an exam, surprising her companions and her teacher. Joane and Dayana mutually surprised each other wearing a homemade rosary around their wrists to class. Edithson and Luis asked if these meetings took place every week, and they were disappointed when they received a negative answer.

None of us come out of these meetings indifferent; this is clear, without a doubt, and undeniable. Each time we go to these encounters, we become aware of the little miracles that Our Lord works in each of us. That is why we want to finish off by thanking Our Heavenly Father for all of those moments that help us discover how great He is. We would also like to dedicate a few words to the Servant Brothers and Sisters. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the most competent evangelizing instrument that the Lord has ever created!

May God bless you and keep you.

-Itziar Arauco, Ondárroa (Vizcaya,Spain)

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