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Little by Little? or A Lot at a Time!

PLAYAOK1News about the reconstruction on the Holy Family Educational Unit in Playa Prieta, Manabí (Ecuador). November 2016.

Our School in Playa Prieta is moving along very quickly. I say “our” school in every meaning of the word. It is yours, it belongs to all those who have supported and still support us either with their prayers or generous economic help. Thank you for everything. The Lord will not leave you unrewarded…

People ask, “How are things going?” or “How is the school?” We usually answer, “We’re getting on little by little.” In this context it is evident that it is an expression. If we take a panoramic look at the desert and solitary terrain of six months ago, we could say that a lot of things are being done! We could write an article everyday about the work being done. Seeing as how that is not possible, we will try to give a summary.


The “Union Club” from Guayaquil is helping to build the sport court and the chapel. In three weeks the court will be finished and in the last few days the students have been able to play soccer, this time without kicking rocks and running on a flat surface. It is so satisfying to see them play like that again! Sometime we have to make a great effort not to cry. This week they began building the chapel. They have finished laying the foundation. You can already see the imposing place in a central area where the king of kings will have a dignified throne.

The students of St. Agnes School in Minnesota have helped us begin the one floor building for the smallest children. It is already taking shape. The structure is made, the bathrooms are installed, the cement base, and two walls are already built. Next week we will finish off the divisions and plaster the walls.


On October 14, we received the immense visit of “Monte Tabor” School from Guayaquil. I say immense because there were more than 100 people between students, teachers, parents, and school grounds men. These men filled the school with life by planting in it many trees and plants. The students’ parents also helped with this task. The girl students painted the younger children’s faces. They went home happy that day with their faces full of butterflies, lions, stars, etc. The boy students played a game of soccer with our students. The teachers were there to make sure that everything went well and to distribute the food that they had brought to share with our students. They all went home with a full stomach and a happy heart, thanks to this school that has become like a family to us.

The volunteers from “Telefónica”have not forgotten about us, and are still very attentive to us. They recently came back for a visit and this time they painted walls in the school and left enough materials so that we, with the help of parents, can continue doing the same.


Fr. Francisco Sojos, from Guayaquil has never stopped helping us. He still knocks on businesses’ doors and sometime receives an answer. Lately he sent a large donation to pave the areas where there is dirt so that when it begins to rain they do not turn into mud.

The parents of our students with their low economic conditions, making a great effort, have helped to tile the classrooms. Some of them organized raffles, bingo, or sold food. We have 12 classrooms with tile flooring. They are beautiful and the children do not have to put up with so much dirt.

We are mere spectators of everything that the Lord and Our Lady do through so many good people. Everything is for the good of the souls; not only those of our 375 students, but also their parents, aunts, uncles, cousins who indirectly receive the message, the grace. This school that we are rebuilding is not something transitory. It is like their second home, for some even like their first because it is where they find peace and tranquility, goodness and truth. Thank you to everyone for everything. You can count on our prayers.

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