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A Procession with Our Lady

mayoplaya1Procession with the image of Our Lady in Sacred Family School in Playa Prieta, Manabí (Ecuador), May 18th, 2017.

In Sacred Family School we have been living this month of May, the month of Mary with a lot of devotion and love for our Blessed Mother. Each day when the students get to school we talk to them a little bit about our Lady and we suggest a spiritual flower that they can give to Mary by doing something for Her or for the others during the day. If they fulfill the suggested spiritual flower for the day they can put a paper flower on an image of Mary that is hanging on the wall of the new school building. They have put so many paper flowers already that you can hardly see the face of Our Lady anymore!

As the month advanced we got more and more excited and we wanted to make Mary, the true protagonist of our school, more present among us. On May 18th we decided to take our Lady out in procession to the streets of Playa Prieta. The day arrived and the students got into line as usual on the sports court to do the morning prayers and our Blessed Mother was there at the head of the line, on a beautifully adorned platform. We had the older classes be in charge of leading the rosary and before each decade we asked our Blessed Mother to help us grow in a specific virtue; we asked her for humility, serviciality, purity, fidelity, and obedience. We walked behind the statue of our Lady while we prayed, sang and shouted out short ejaculatory prayers. The neighbors came out of their houses to see our Lady pass by and pray with us.


The school children were very happy during the procession, but we think that Our Lady was even happier. You can tell that She likes when we do these sorts of things for her. When we got back to the school we lined up again on the sports court and prayed the litanies. We were only going to sing one more song to Our Lady and then go back to class, but all the kids kept chanting for “another song, and another, and another!” We sang a few more songs to Our Lady and then very responsibly we had to go back to class. Even though we had to go we know that Our Heavenly Mother went with us to class, because she most certainly lives among us.

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