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Children’s Rosary

rosario2Children’s rosary in the Clinic Hospital of Valencia (Spain), July 2017.

Two years ago, I coincidentally found out about a Children’s rosary that was being organized in the Clinic Hospital of Valencia during the Tuesday Holy Hour. I attended the rosary with my children and it was a very beautiful experience because there were a lot of families there with numerous little children. Some of the children led the mysteries of the rosary from the ambo and afterward Fr. Henry talked to the children. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

We were so happy with how the rosary turned out that we decided to go back the next week…and the next, and the next, and the next. And as was to be expected, little by little the families stopped coming and only a few remained faithful to our Lady. Those who were still around took on a quote by Padre Pio to be our motto: “The children will save the world” and we offered up the rosary for the salvation of souls. It was amazing to see the children so convinced that this rosary, which required a huge effort on their behalf (because laziness was a huge temptation, especially on Tuesday evenings), had a great value in God’s eyes. They knew that Our Lady was taking every Hail Mary to present it to Jesus and intercede for the whole world. Truly, they were saving the world.

During that year there were two families who came every week, both with children in wheelchairs. It was beautiful to see them pray, especially one of the kids who has cerebral palsy, who prayed his decade with difficulty, but with love into the microphone. It was very moving.


We were also very lucky because the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother also attended the rosary and when the rosary ended, they would accompany us in singing a song to our Lady or they would speak to the children about making firm resolutions to love Jesus even more. The rosary was also like a little catechism class where our children learned the importance of prayer. The parents were very grateful for this.

At the start of this this year we began a little weak. The families who were attending the rosary the year before had different schedules and were unable to make it and the only ones who were left praying before the Blessed Sacrament were my children. We knew that we had to be faithful to Our Lady and, rain or shine, we were there to pray. To try and make it more attractive for them, I would bring a special snack to give them at the end of the Holy Hour. In this small way their efforts were repaid.

Right before Christmas we had the great joy of having a new family join us. A few months later, one of my daughter’s friends also began to come with her little brother. We were no longer alone, and having our friends there encouraged us even more.


Little by little, the intentions of the rosary started to change. First, our friend with cerebral palsy became very sick, and we offered the rosary up for him, next for a cousin, another sick child, etc. We had more and more intentions of children who were sick and so our rosary turned out to be a rosary prayed by the children and for the children, especially sick children.

I am convinced that this rosary is helping my children a lot. We go to the chapel to pray for others, but for us it is a win-win situation. Just being before the Blessed Sacrament for a half hour and praying our Lady’s favorite prayer is filling my children’s souls with God’s grace. I am sure that Mama Mary will look at my children with a special predilection, because they are her “children of the rosary.”

I encourage you all to organize an activity like this in your parishes. I am sure that there will be difficulties; it will be a battle some days to get them to pray, you will find yourself alone at times, but I am sure that your children will be strengthened and will grow in their faith. It will be a huge benefit for their souls. Our Lady is never outdone in generosity. I hope that many Children’s Rosaries start to flourish all over the world.

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