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Family Get-Together

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Family get-together in Torrent (Valencia), España, October 12th-15th, 2017.

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From October 12th-15th the Home of the Mother held its monthly family get-together in Torrent, Valencia.

The families started arriving on October 12th in the morning because the encounter was set to start at lunch time. After lunch we had the first talk based on the first chapter of the book “Our Transformation in Christ” by Deitrich Von Hildebrand about the basic attitudes of a Christian. This first talk was given by Pedro Leal, LHM, and he talked about the necessity of letting ourselves be transformed by Jesus Christ, an unconditional disposition for a true transformation in Christ and for starting and continuing on the path of holiness. After the talk there was time for questions and to clear up any doubts. After the talk we had the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Rafael, founder of the Home of the Mother. After Mass we ate dinner followed by a Holy Hour with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and points of meditation given by Fr. Felix, superior of the Servant Priests and Brothers of the Home of the Mother. After the Holy Hour we prayed compline and went to bed.

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We began the next day, Friday, with time for prayer. Fr. Rafael gave us points of meditation and afterwards we had the second talk. This talk was given by Clara Martinez, LHM, on the second chapter of the same book, and she talked about repentance. Clara enlightened us as to what true repentance is and how we can avoid evil and return to God through a true repentance of our faults. That’s why true repentance should be accompanied with a strong desire to return to God, to prostrate ourselves before Him and surrender our lives to Him. After the talk we had free time and time to do our chores with our teams and help prepare lunch.

After lunch we prayed the Rosary together. After the Rosary, María de Selva, LHM, gave the next talk on the third chapter of the book about self-knowledge and knowledge of God. After the talk, we had Mass, dinner, and compline.

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On Saturday morning we had prayer time with points of meditation given by Fr. Rafael. After prayer we had another talk, this time given by Fr. Matt, SHM, who talked about the fourth chapter of the book, about consciousness of self and he encouraged us all to have a true consciousness of self, above all in our actions. At lunch we celebrated Fr. Felix’s birthday with cake and the Servant Brothers surprised him with a song that they had written for the occasion.

In the afternoon we had another talk by Fr. Henry, SHM, on the fifth chapter of the book about true simplicity. Fr. Henry reminded us that this virtue is absolutely necessary in order to be open to whatever it is that God asks of us in our day to day in order to fully live our Christian lives. At the end of the talk he also talked about the use of cell phones and how technology in general has us trapped in such a way that we are unable to live with true simplicity. Fr. Henry had to leave but everyone else stayed there discussing the topic and Fr. Rafael asked the parents what they thought about all of this seeing that it is something that not only affects the young people, but also the adults. Various parents and young people commented on how it affects them personally and how it affects the family and society and our relationships with our friends, parents, companions, etc. We reached the conclusion that we are really not putting these new technologies to good use and they are producing a type of addiction in many. The parents also talked about the difficulties of educating their children regarding this topic because the educational institutions require the children and young people to use these means for their studies. One mother talked about the importance of education the children from very early on about the criteria on how to use technology in a good way. After this discussion we had Mass, dinner and after dinner we got together to have another discussion and time to share. We also sang songs and the children did a skit to congratulate Fr. Felix for his birthday.

On Sunday morning we had Mass and after lunch the get-together ended. We give thanks to God for all of the graces received during this get-together.

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