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First girls’ retreat in Turin (Italy), November 4th, 2017.


The Servant Sisters have been in Turin, Italy for one year now, working in the Parish of St. George the Martyr, and we have recently had our very first girls’ retreat.

The girls started arriving for the retreat at 11:00 am and we played outside in the court of the Oratory, getting to know each other and running around a little bit (the oratory is part of the Parish that is reserved for the activities of the youth and children, according to the style of St. John Bosco). Later, we had time for prayer in the Church before our Lord in the tabernacle. We reflected on the Gospel of the ten lepers, and we gave thanks to the Lord for different things.

When we had finished out prayer time we left the Church and went to the rooms where we give CCD to eat lunch and to continue to get to know each other. While we finished eating we played a game of different rythms and claps on the table. Afterwards we sang more songs that had different hand gestures and motions; some of the songs were difficult but very fun!


After that the girls divided into two teams for the game. They had to find different pictures of saints that were hidden around the oratory and the parish. Each picture had a brief biography with it that the girls would need in order to finish the game. When each team found all of the pictures they were given a “test” with questions about the saints they had found and the girls had to respond according to the information that they had read in the biography.

When we finished the game we had a meeting about obedience. The girls were very participative and they shared their own experiences and reasons why they thought it was important to obey. When the meeting was over we had time for arts and crafts. The girls made a “stained glass window” out of paper with the pictures of the saints that we had learned about in the game.

With that, we finished our first girls’ retreat in Turin and we are looking forward to the next one!

Sister Clare

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