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6th Annual Pastoral Days In Toledo

jornadapastoral larga

El Hogar de la Madre participa en las SEXTAS JORNADAS DE PASTORAL de la Archidiócesis de Toledo (España), del 12 al 14 de enero de 2018.


The Home of the Mother had the privilege to form part of the 6th Annual Pastoral Days that took place the weekend of January 12-14 at Our Lady of the Infants School in Toledo. Two Servant Brothers and two Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother were invited to present the Home of the Mother's involvement in the mass media through the EUK Mamie Foundation and Siervos Films. EUK Mamie and Siervos Films was one of four extra-diocesan ministries that had been invited to the event to share their ministry. The morning of the 13th, each of the four ministries briefly presented themselves in front of the participants of the event. Later, those participants who wished to hear more about our apostolate through the mass media could attend a longer, more in depth presentation in the afternoon.

The hospitality shown to us by the archdiocese was truly wonderful. We were able to enjoy a day full of warm greetings and fond memories of many people who knew the beginnings of the Home of the Mother in Toledo. In the afternoon we enjoyed an attentive audience anxious to hear about the origins of HM Television, the providential and luminous journey of the WakeUp Project, and the youthful, joyful and supernatural impulse that began the Catholic Stuff series. We were able to put at their disposition all our endeavors to defend the Truth, the materials to help form in the souls the desire for holiness and a solid formation in the doctrine of our Faith, and to help each one realize his or her responsibility to be a faithful laborer in the Lord's vineyard.


It was an enriching experience in as much for those who attended the event as for those of us who could share our evangelization efforts after so many years of evangelization work in the field of the mass media.

We would like to thank the Archdiocese of Toledo for allowing us to present, before such a large audience, the work that Our Lord and Our Mother have entrusted to us. Many thanks also to those who have listened and who have showed their love and interest for this small work in the Church. All for the greater glory of God.

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