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HtH visits Ecuador

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From January 15-19 our communities in Ecuador received a visit from the HTH Foundation.


From January 15-19 our communities in Ecuador received a visit from the HTH Foundation, which has supported the MGHM for the past several years. We would like to share their experience in Ecuador with all of our MGHM benefactors!

What could have been just a “formal” supervisory visit concerning the projects with which they have helped, has truly been more like a family gathering. From the first moment of their arrival, we sensed a special closeness to them. It was not about merely welcoming a few benefactors that have given economic aid, but instead about welcoming collaborators and direct participants in all of the good that is being done in the name of the Lord, who is infinitely merciful and good to all, and who has also shown forth His goodness through our friends from HTH who have given of themselves in incredible ways to the most needy.

The visit began in Guayaquil. We went to two schools where the Sisters help teach classes: La Consolata and the Trinitaria. In the latter, we were able to visit the Children’s Soup Kitchen, where more children receive their lunch on a daily basis. It was an especially emotional moment when a wheelchair was gifted to a paralytic child. His “shouts” of joy were a greater payment than any effort made. We also visited the Loreto Parish, which after much work is turning out to be very beautiful, although much more needs to be done.


The next destination was Chone. The Sisters received us with a warm welcome. The HTH members who arrived from Minnesota at -10 degrees found themselves in the scorching heat of Chone. It was amazing to see the spirit with which they lived that sacrifice, with joy and no complaints. There, they were able to visit sponsored families that survive thanks to HTH’s aid as well as people that received new housing after having lost theirs during the earthquake. It was very moving to see both sides: those who receive the aid and those who give it. It was a meeting of mercy in which language barriers were overcome by a true sense of love and gratitude. The visit to the farm was also very fruitful. Gradually, agricultural and livestock projects have developed and have provided work for several families. Rafa’s presence was especially appreciated, who with the enterprising spirit which characterizes him, explained the different projects, creating a true bond of affection and collaboration with our friends from HTH.


The last destination was the visit to Playa Prieta. There, the Servant Brothers and Sisters also prepared for the meeting with great expectation. Tears of joy were shed upon seeing the people that the Lord has used to be able to rebuild a beautiful school, which is nothing other than a shrine in which the presence of Our Blessed Mother can be felt. The entire school went above and beyond in showing their affection and gratitude. They were able to meet with sponsored students and had the opportunity to speak with them and encourage them to work hard in life in order to achieve both great human and spiritual goals. They also visited with sponsored families in the Riochico Parish whose church has still not been built, but in which the Servant Brothers are doing great apostolic work, giving their lives for souls.

We returned again to Guayaquil with our hearts satisfied. It had been much more than just a visit. Before we had already felt close to them, but with this personal visit, seeing them face-to-face, these ties grew even stronger. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

May the Lord who never lets Himself be outdone in generosity give to each one of these friends what they most are in need of, and may we one day definitively meet again in heaven.

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