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From Macael to Valencia

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Trip to Valencia with the Servant Sisters and Laity of the Home of the Mother, February 2, 2018


"We want to go to the debut of the movie, sisters!"

This was the beginning of a beautiful trip with a group of women from Macael.

Macael is a little town in Almeria, Spain, where the Servant Sisters have a community. The group of lay women of the Home as well as women who participate in the weekly HM group meetings were yearning to see the movie, Garabandal: Only God Knows. Many of them had been to Garabandal and others are waiting to go soon.

Since there is no movie theater in Macael, and in Almeria it had not come out yet, we had to find a place nearby to go and see the movie: Valencia. Perfect! Because there is a community of Servant Sisters there, too, as well as a house to stay in.


We got to work, and in a few days everything was organized.

We left for Murcia on Friday, February 2, in a mini bus. Once in Murcia, we went to Mass in the Bishop's adoration chapel. When we were leaving the chapel we met three young people from Murcia who welcomed us to the town. These young people often participate in the activities of the Home of the Mother and they offered to bring us on a tour of the Cathedral. After our visit, with the rain and cold we said goodbye to our friends and left for Valencia.

When we got to Valencia the Sisters welcomed us with open arms, a warm room, and a table set for dinner since it was already a little late. The ladies from Macael had their luggage filled with everything they needed for the weekend, but they also came with a lot of food! They had prepared enough to feed an army and they prepared it with all of their love. They put it all on the table and there was enough food for dinner, breakfast and lunch the next day, and there were still leftovers! What generosity!

At last the long awaited moment had arrived. We left for the movie theater and met up with a few of the lay members of the Home from Valencia and with an open heart we enjoyed the movie that we had so longed to see. It was so moving, there were tears shed and we grew in our desire to love more our Blessed Mother and our Lord. And of course we can't wait to go and see the movie again! When we got home we couldn't stop talking about the movie. We talked and talked until we couldn't keep our eyes open any more, so we decided to go to bed.


The next day the Lord had more surprises in store for us. We went to the parish of Our Lady of the Angels in Silla, 15 minutes away from Valencia where a Eucharistic Miracle is venerated. The parish priest was very kind to us and he welcomed us and explained the miracle to us. The time of prayer we had there was very special for all of us.

From there we went to the Cathedral in Valencia for Mass to receive the One that we had just been adoring a few minutes before. There was a young man there who very devoutly explained the Holy Grail, which can be venerated there in the Cathedral. The Sisters were allowed to go into the chapel where it is kept and venerated.

Afterwards, the graces just kept coming. We split up to go to different churches and received the sacrament of Confession. We went to see our Lady of the Forsaken, then went back to the sisters' house to eat lunch and go back home to Macael.

We were sad to have to say goodbye, but our souls were overflowing with joy. We got back on the road to go home to our everyday routines, but we were going back with renewed strength and a grateful heart for everything that we had received in these few days.

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