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Get-together for Boys in Brescia


Get-together for boys from Lumezzane in Clibbio, Brescia, Italy, January 8 – 11, 2018.


The Servant Brothers of the Home of the Mother along with a group of boys arrived at Clibbio in Brescia, Italy, on Thursday afternoon. The boys were not tired at all. After dinner and some play time, we went to sleep.The first night was memorable. Some boys woke up in the middle of the night, others were talking, the Church bells rang loudly, and dogs barked. It was a challenge to sleep a little that night. Someone even said that there was a cow mooing. At last, morning arrived and no one complained.

We started out Friday morning with Holy Mass to later have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration during the night.While we played soccer, Brother Nicolas and Brother Carlo went to buy bread. While they were there, they asked the baker if he knew of a path for an outing. The baker recommended one that would lead to a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of the Snow at the top of mountain near a village. When Brother Nicolas and Brother Carlo told the boys about it, they were happy and ready to go on the hike. Later in the afternoon it rained a little. Before going back to the house, we organized the boys by height. Why? Well, we were going to watch a Planet Earth documentary and so that when we all sat down, we would all be able to see easily. It worked.


The second night, after a day full of playing soccer, it had its effect and absolutely no one spoke that night – not even the dogs barked. On Saturday, after Adoration, we set out on our mountain hike. It threatened rain and was foggy, but in the end the sun conquered thanks to our Blessed Mother who was waiting for us at the Shrine.During the hike up, we found several excavating machines and some vehicles from the Italian army. The most interesting was a World War II truck, but no one could open it to get in. So, we continued on our hike.As soon as we arrived at the top we ate lunch. Afterwards, there was a little bit of time for tree climbing. How many boys were able to fit inside of just one tree?! This time, only four. Maybe next time, more of us will fit. The capture the flag game was memorable. One boy was on the verge of being trampled on by Brother William who fell on top of him. Good thing it was just an accident and no one ended up getting hurt! As we descended the mountain we prayed the Rosary to our Bl. Mother loudly, shouting almost, so that Our Lady of the Snow could hear us until the end of the journey. After praying, we ran into the World War II truck again, but this time someone was able open it so we could get in. That’s how we were able to take a picture inside! In the afternoon, we played tag. Later, we went to sleep like logs – so well that this time it seemed like the Church bells were not working.

The last day flew by. We had time for Adoration, Mass, and lunch.On the trip back to Rome, the bus we were traveling in had a traffic accident with a car that was speeding. The police and an ambulance arrived. Just one man had to be taken away in the ambulance, even though he did not have serious injuries. That was another sign of Our Bl. Mother's protection! May all the thanks be given to Her and her Son Our Lord for everything that we received during the get-together.

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