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Mission Possible

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Parish missions in Turin (Italy) during the Lenten season of 2018.


Mission: Possible

On February 18th, the first Sunday of Lent, the community of Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother of Turn received the task of carrying out a parish mission in the areas surrounding the Parish of Saint George the Martyr in Turin, Italy.For 5 weeks we went door to door, Monday thru Friday from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and from 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm, knocking on the doors and ringing the doorbells of all the 12,000 inhabitants that correspond to our parish. The goal of our mission was the get to know the people we do not know and invite them to actively participate in the parish.

We started with the houses that were furthest away from the parish and finished with the ones that were closest. We went two by two and when someone answered the door we would usually say something along these lines: “Good morning! We are the sisters from the Parish of St. George. We are going through the neighborhood to visit with all those who would like to take the time and get to know us. Perhaps you saw the note we left in your mailbox notifying you of our visit.”


The majority of the people did not open their doors, but we did meet some families of the kids who come to CCD, some elderly people who were grateful to have some company, families with difficult situations, rich people, poor people, etc. We met some very nice people and others that were suffering a lot. We prayed with everyone we visited and we prayed for all those who we were unable to visit. We found out that a lot of the people who don’t go to Sunday Mass in the parish is not because they are skipping out on Mass but rather because they attend another parish for whatever reason. But there were also those who simply just don’t go to Mass even though they consider themselves very religious. We encouraged these people to go to Mass, and we tried to explain to them what a great gift the Mass is. We were also able to take down the names of a few of the elderly people who are unable to leave their house for Mass and would like someone to bring them Communion. Many other families wanted their houses to be blessed, so the parish priest and his administrator will take time during this Easter Season to go and bless their houses.

In addition to visiting the houses, we had encounters twice a week in the afternoon. We would invite all the people we visited during the day to come to these encounters in which we talked about some spiritual topic and we tried to help them grow spiritually in preparation for Easter.

We hope that these missions give a lot of fruit and glory to God and can contribute to the salvation of souls.

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