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Release of the Film "All or Nothing"


Release of the film "All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett", 16 de abril de 2018.


April 16th, 2018, the date of the release of the film “All or Nothing: Sr. Clare Crockett” has finally arrived. This film, produced by the EUK Mamie – HM Television Foundation, is a production that reaches our hearts and places before us the question of what we are giving or not giving to God?

A budding actress leaves her career and the open doors to fame behind to give her life to God. Some might see this as a total failure. But was it? Those who knew Sr. Clare speak in this film. After her tragic death in the 2016 earthquake in Ecuador, the failure might be seen as having reached its devastating end. Yet, many think that the story doesn’t end there . Thanks to the Servant Sisters’ archives with over 15 years of photos and videos of Sr. Clare’s life, HM Television presents this documentary to show you the real-life story of this Sister who gave her ALL to God, keeping NOTHING back.

Even though we have received various offers to distribute the film “All or Nothing” through television producers, HM Television renounced this way of distribution choosing an option that allows the movie to be free and be used as a means of apostolate. Any person or group who is willing to organize a screening of the film, youth groups, universities, apostolic movements, schools, etc. can ask for the film and organize an event that does not have an economic finality but rather apostolic. In this way, through the example of Sr. Clare´s life, the love of God will reach many souls, the same love that radically changed her life.

The film is currently available in Spanish, English and Italian.

You can also download the posters to announce the screening of the film in your town.

Our website also offers a questionnaire that can be used as a guide for a video forum when the film is over and it will help people go deeper into the message that the film has.

Since we have opened up the petitions for the film we have received more than 350 petitions from Ireland, Canada, USA, England, Italy, Singapore, Philippines, Columbia, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, El Salvador, Uruguay, Peru, Nicaragua, Chile, Leetonia, Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. And there will be more to come.

Many of the screenings will be private (in schools especially), but there are others that permit free access to the public until the spots are filled. When the information reaches us we update the list of screenings, they can be found here:

Derry, the birthplace of Sr. Clare in Northern Ireland, has been turned upside down. One of the screenings there will take place in the school where Sr. Clare studied. The principal of the school said that it wasn’t even necessary to put up posters announcing the event because the whole city already knew about it and was talking about it.

In Chone (Ecuador), there are no movie theaters so they organized four busloads of people to go to the movie theatre in Manta to see it. In Chone it will also be projected in the parish and a multipurpose center with the acknowledgement and permission of the mayor himself.

We pray that this movie may inspire many souls to imitate the life of Sr. Clare in her unceasing search for holiness, holding nothing back.

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