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Brave, Fearless and Bold

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English Summer Encounter in Loeches (Madrid), Spain, July 4th-14th, 2018.


Brave, fearless and bold were the words of a song that could be heard being sung from the bottom of the hearts of all the participants of the English Camp this year in Loeches. This song was based on the camp’s theme “Brave unto martyrdom”, a theme being shared with all the summer camps of the Home of the Mother this year in Spain. The girls learned in this camp, not only English (it is after all English Camp), but also the value of martyrdom both of blood and in the day to day. The importance of dying to oneself in small things such as eating something that I dont like, in trying to be neat and orderly, in doing my best in each moment, in speaking to someone that I don’t get along with, etc. All of these apparently insignificant things strengthen our will in the good and prepare us to give the Lord even bigger things that He may ask of us one day.


There were about 70 girls in the camp from ages 7-16.

The days went by with new adventures and lessons being learned in each moment. There was time each day for prayer and Mass, because the goal of the HM summer camps is to bring the children and young people closer to Christ and this can not be done without putting them in front of the Eucharist. There was time for sports and games and of course, water games to help make the Madrid heat more bearable and night games which are exciting for all ages. Each day the girls learned about a new martyr and had a formation meeting about different topics where the girls could clear up any doubts that they had about the faith and our world today. There were also English clases. The girls were split up into different groups to have English classes according to the level of English that each one had.

During the camp there were two days of hikes. Both hikes ended up being a bit longer than expected, but the girls lived it all with a spirit of enthusiasm and sacrifice and never once lost their joy in the midst of an uncomfortable situation which could have easily given way to complaints.

At the end of camp we celebrated the final festival. Each group prepared a skit in English reenacting the life of one of the martyrs that we had learned about throughout camp. The festival had a lot of spirit and you could feel the presence of Our Blessed Mother who was among us the whole time. Thank you Mama for all that we received during this time together. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, our Queen and our Mother: Bless our English Camp!

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