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Fiat! Yes, Lord!

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Girls' Hiking Trip in Georgia, (USA), July 21st-27th, 2018.


This year’s Georgia Hiking Trip for High school Girls took place from July 21st to July 27th, 2018. It was a week filled with many blessings that at times showered down from above! It was a rainy week that surprised us when we least expected it. But that made it all the more adventurous. There were a total of 34 girls that came from all over Florida, some from Missouri and some Ohio along with 5 Servant Sisters. During the trip, we did various hikes in the North Georgia Mountains. Every day after packing a lunch for the day, we loaded up into the vans to head out to find what kind of surprises and adventures that God had in store for us that day.

The theme for this year was: “When God speaks: FIAT!” The theme was linked to Fatima and was a reminder for us all to look to and seek to imitate Our Lady in always saying yes to the Lord. The joyful shout that was often heard echoing through the mountains as we hiked along the trails was: “FIAT!” and you could hear even louder the response by all of the girls, which was “Yes, Lord!”

During the formation meetings that were held each day, we learned many things that had to do with what the children of Fatima taught us and how to imitate their example and put into practice what our Blessed Mother asked us. We also had the opportunity to make a good confession as well as daily Mass and a time of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.


During the hikes, there was time spent singing songs, talking to each other and getting to know better the other girls that were on the trip, as well as contemplating the beauty and the greatness of God and his creation. One of the surprises that God had in store for us was during one of the hikes in the mountains. While we were on the hike that day, it began to drizzle a little, but that drizzle turned into pouring rain for most of the hike and we were drenched by the rain as the path became more like a river of mud. The hike was more demanding this way and many of the girls said a Yes in their heart to what God presented to them in that moment: to continue on and not complain, to keep up a good attitude and take whatever God sends us. Lord if this is what you want, then so do I. Many of the girls mentioned the last night, when they were sharing their testimonies, that they had received a special grace during that hike.

One of the evenings during the trip we watched the documentary about the life of Sr. Clare, All or Nothing. The majority of the girls watched it for the first time and after watching it together everyone shared their impressions and what had stood out to them from the movie. Many were touched by the life and example of Sr. Clare.

The trip really went by quickly and it was hard to believe it when we reached the last day and it was time to pack everything back up to head back home. We can’t wait for next year to see what God has in store for us!

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