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All for Jesus!

2 julio

Boys’ summer camp in Ocala (Florida), USA, July 29th-August 5th 2018


From July 29th to August 5th the Home of the Mother of the Youth held its annual summer camp in the Ocala National Forest in the State of Florida, USA. Each year it grows and this year was no exception. There were a total of 54 campers and ten boys helping as counselors. Our camp theme was our First Mission: the Most Holy Eucharist, and we had for title “All for Jesus!”

From the first day we began an intense schedule of activities, starting and ending always with prayer. In addition to your everyday sports (kickball, world-cup soccer), we discovered the game of “Jeremy’s” and “Shield Ball”…and a HM camp classic: “Stones”. Each team worked together to make armor to run the “Gauntlet” and boats to create an aquatic battle of epic proportions. To beat the heat we had time everyday to swim in the lakes. Some even took advantage to go fishing, and everyone had a chance to head out on the waters in canoes and kayaks.

This year we decided to make a grotto for Our Lady in the area of our campground…it just isn’t the same doing our morning offerings without Her there! On Saturday we all woke up early to make Our Lady a special gift: a Rosary procession at sunrise.

All the boys agreed that our time with the Blessed Sacrament is what made this camp different from all the rest; Mass and Adoration are the things that made the most impact on our lives. Each day in prayer we learned about how God prepared His People for the gift of the Eucharist through the great figures of the Sacrifice of Isaac, the Paschal Lamb, the Manna, the Prophet Elijah and more. We also had the “Miracle Moment” when we would hear of Eucharistic Miracles from around the world.


The biggest miracle, however, was the interior transformation of the boys. One boy said to us: “I’ll be honest, before camp I used to think that Mass was a waste of time…Now I know that it is the best time in the world!” Halfway through camp we were able to thank and praise Jesus in the Eucharist by making a nighttime procession of the Eucharist through our campgrounds. Thank you Jesus for your blessings!

Now we know the answer to the question, “Who is it all for?”


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