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Meeting with Sponsored Families in Chone

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First meeting with families sponsored by the MGHM in Chone (Ecuador), August 2018.


We recently invited all the families sponsored through GMHM to come to the parish for a meeting. We gave general announcements and information about how we would give them a basket with food and basic hygiene products once a month. Almost all our sponsored families came. Afterwards, we asked them whether they would be willing to come to the parish once a month to learn more about the faith, and almost all of them said yes. We began to speak to them about the Lord, about the end of our lives, about being good. They were very attentive. At the end of the meeting, we asked if they had any questions. Several asked what they had to do to receive baptism, first communion, or marriage!

About fifteen people wanted to receive catechism, so we are going to begin a new adult catechism class, and we are certain this group will continue to grow. We felt like the missionaries we are always told about, who had tons of people approach them to ask for baptism. That meeting truly filled us with joy. We were not expecting such great recompense for our work! We did not only feed them physically, which is important, but we also offered them the opportunity to receive spiritual nourishment and learn the path towards heaven, which is what truly matters.

Would you like to sponsor a family? With your help, we will do everything we can to take care of your new family physically and spiritually!

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

A Tribute to Sr. Clare in Costa Rica

Dúo Santa Cecilia (St. Cecilia Duo) sang I Prefer Paradise as a tribute to Sr. Clare on the third anniversary of her death.

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