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Request for help for the construction of a Multipurpose Center in Chone (Ecuador), September 2018.


One of our most urgent projects is the construction of a Multipurpose Center in the center of Chone, Ecuador. The center aims to cover the spiritual, social, educational, and health needs of the population we serve, as well as to guarantee a place for the volunteers and those who collaborate in this project.

We are aware that this project requires an amount of money that far exceeds our possibilities. But we are also convinced that the Lord and Our Mother want this to happen. With their help, what today is a project, tomorrow will become a reality. Of that, we are certain. The project consists of several phases.

The first phase is already complete: purchase of the land and soil improvement. The land is in an area with high risk of flooding and earthquakes. To make the construction safe, we had to dig 2 meters to extract the sand, proceed to put stones, and add compacted improvement material to make a solid base. This was a very evangelical phase, because we wanted to make sure to “build upon rock!”

The second phase will be the construction of a house for the Servants of the Home of the Mother. When we arrived in Chone fifteen years ago, we began to live in a parish house intended in the future to be an Episcopal residence because the Diocese of Manabí will be divided into two separate diocese. As the restructuring of the diocese is already near, we need to build a house so we can continue with our service in Chone.

The third phase will be the construction of two buildings:


Building 1:

First floor: Soup kitchen. Youth Center (Oratory). .The soup kitchen will be for 60 poor children and for the sick and elderly of Chone. It will be equipped with a kitchen and pantry. The kitchen and pantry will also be at the disposition of the Youth Center, in response to the third mission of the Home: The conquest of the youth for the Lord.

Second floor: Residence for volunteers who come to collaborate with us.

Building 2:

First floor: Medical dispensary with two offices and waiting room for the care of poor patients who have no possibility of accessing public health. This will be possible thanks to the collaboration of volunteer doctors and nurses, collaborators of GMHM. A low-cost store exclusively for poor families. After a case-by-case study, those families who truly need this service will receive a purchase card. In addition to a low-cost store, the monthly distribution of free food baskets to our sponsored families will take place through this store. Currently, in the city of Chone we are distributing eighty food baskets every month. The fact that we do not currently have an appropriate physical space to realize this service limits our possibilities. When the multifunctional center is built, we will be more efficient in our service to this population.

Second floor: Residence for university students.

We are already experiencing how much the Lord and Our Lady are helping us. So far, we have finished only the soil improvement, but we have already found many collaborators here in Ecuador as well. Some have donated material from the quarry, others have given us discounts in the cost of transportation for the material.

For those of us who are in the front line, it is still exciting to see that people want to support this work, even if only a little. Remember that you are helping a work of Our Mother for the glory of God and for the poor! From here, we wish to express our most sincere gratitude, both to those who have already collaborated, and to those who will do so in one way or another.

There are still obstacles and difficulties apart from the economic ones, but Our Lady is with us. The project will allow us to do so much spiritual and material good! She will touch the hearts of her children so that the project can be finished.

We are not ashamed to ask for help to carry out this project. We have learned from St. John of God when he begged for his poor and sick. He would go out into the streets shouting, "Who wants to do himself a favor?" Everyone would open their doors and windows to receive that favor. Then, Saint John of God boldly asked them for charity for his poor, knowing that this would have an impact on their lives for their own good. So, if you want to do yourself a favor, if you want to collaborate with us to carry out this project, whether economically or with your prayers, we thank you in the name of the poor, children, elderly, young people, etc., who will benefit from this Multipurpose Center they are looking forward to using!

Thank you!

The Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother in Chone


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