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For You, My Queen, I Will Give My Life

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Girls' Pilgrimage to Barbastro and Zaragoza, Nov. 1-4th, 2018.


On Thursday October 11, a group of 14 girls and four sisters left Alcalá de Henares in two vans ready to spend a few days with Our Blessed Mother and the martyrs who shed their blood for Christ. We made our way to a little town called St. George and spent the night there.

The next day we woke up early in order to visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar. First we went to the convent of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Holy Angels (The Angélicas). The religious sisters talked to us about the life of their foundress St. Genevieve Torres Morales, a nun who suffered greatly since childhood. This helped her grow in charity and reach Heaven. Later we went to Mass at Our Lady of the Pillar and kissed the pillar that Our Blessed Mother appeared to St. James on during the first century of Christianity. In the afternoon, Our Lady of the Pillar had a huge surprise in store for us: to pray the Rosary in one of the basilica’s side chapels. We sang and prayed very close to where She promised that the Catholic Faith would be great in Spain.


The next day we went to Barbastro and visited a museum where they talked to us about the Claretian martyrs who gave their lives during the religious persecution in Spain in 1936. Before the relics of these young seminarian martyrs, we prayed for the grace to live our life like them. After a moment of prayer, we went to Pueyo, an old Benedictine monastery where the contemplative monks of the Incarnate Word currently live. After lunch we went to the site where the Claretians were martyred. There we prayed the Rosary and sang, “I Will Shed My Blood for You, My King.” We felt that the martyrs were there singing with us. Later we listened to the story of the 18 Benedictine martyrs of Pueyo and venerated their remains.

On the last day, October 14, we stopped at Daroca on our way to Alcalá and saw a Eucharistic miracle that greatly impressed us. We loved it.

After lunch we returned to Alcalá with our hearts overflowing and ready to dedicate ourselves to the Lord. We thank Our Lady and our brother martyrs for the graces we received. Long live Our Lady of the Pillar! I will shed my blood for You, my Queen!

-By Lucía Rodríguez Delgado

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