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Get together for Lay members of the Home of the Mother in Valencia (Spain), November 11, 2018


On Sunday, November 11, we had the first get together for the LHM of the school year. It was a wonderful opportunity to “charge our spiritual batteries.” The get-together took place in the Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity, where the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother in Valencia now live. After welcoming all those who arrived, we began with a holy hour presided by Fr. Felix in the convent’s church. The points of meditation were about the “desire” and concretely “the desire to love God.” Father used writings of St. Teresa of Avila and St. Thérèse. He exhorted us to have great desires in our spiritual life, to desire reaching a great holiness, not based on our own strength, but on God alone and his desire –which is greater than ours- for us to be holy. We can’t get discouraged. The devil disheartens us so that we look at our weakness, give up and stop fighting. Father, on the other hand, encouraged us to a have great trust in God that becomes audacity, like a child that jumps off a sofa into the air, sure that his father will catch him and not allow him to fall. We reflected on what our desires are, what we desire more than anything or what we would ask for if we were granted a wish. Certainly our greatest desire has to be that of loving God the most perfect way.


After the holy hour, we had a discussion about humility, a virtue that is necessary so that God can work in us. St. Teresa said that humility is the basis of the spiritual life; it is like the foundation of a building. The deeper the foundations, the more solid and higher the building can be. In the spiritual life, the more humility, the greater the holiness. With little humility, little can be built. Fr. Felix reminded us how Jesus presented Himself as a model for this virtue: “Learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble of heart.” He said that meditating on the Passion of Jesus helps us grow in humility because we see how our Savior humbled Himself admirably and gave us an example of how we are to act. We reflected upon how humility is not against occupying important positions, provided that it is done with a spirit of service and with a right intention and motivation. It is neither having a weak and fainthearted spirit, nor ignoring the talents one has. It is about "walking in truth," as St. Teresa said, which is recognizing that I am nothing by myself, and that if I do or have any good it is always by the grace of God. We are poor servants who do our duty with the Lord’s help. There were also some examples of how humility is closely linked to charity and is necessary to exercise in families: not wanting to always be right and listening to others, forgiving and recognizing my mistakes, having an attitude of service, etc.

Since it was a beautiful day, we had lunch outside, sharing everything we had brought. It was a very rich meal in every way. Thanks to the girls who, in addition to having their game times and prayer, prepared delicious pizzas for lunch. It was a great chance to get to know each other, because there were people from many different backgrounds. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon we prayed the Rosary with songs, walking around the beautiful cloister of the monastery. We thank the priests, who were confessing non-stop to everyone who wanted to go to confession in the morning and throughout the Rosary. The get together ended with the celebration of the Eucharist, the most important moment of the day. Fr. Felix spoke in his homily about openness to God and the need to give Him at all times that which He is asking of us, and not something else, and not give Him less than what He asks of us, without putting limits on our generosity. It is sad to "negotiate" with the Lord for not wanting to give Him what he asks of us, when what He wants is to give us more and if He asks us it is for our greatest happiness.

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