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First Phase of Multipurpose Center in Chone

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News on the Multipurpose Center in Chone, December 2018.


The construction of the Multipurpose Center in Chone is going forward little by little. Thanks to the organization Help the Helpless, we bought the land to build the center to attend to various spiritual and material needs in 2015. However, the property was gravely affected by the earthquake in 2016, making it impossible to continue the project. Our priority became the reconstruction of the school in Playa Prieta and helping families, some of whom, to this day, live in precarious situations and await help. We are still carrying out projects to help these families, but we believe the time has come to start building in Chone.

The first phase was carrying out an in-depth study of the soil. After the earthquake of 2016 and the aftershocks that continued for months, the land was in a damaged state.

In April, the company LUPCONSTRUC S.A. carried out a study of the land. In September, the company completed the study and did a soil improvement. They began with a two-meter excavation of the entire property. They then filled in the excavated soil with various layers of rock, gravel, and fill.


We are currently awaiting to begin the first building, a house for the community of Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother.

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Carl : I am converting to Catholicism partly because of Sister Clare Crockett.

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