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Sanitary Aid from MGHM in Ecuador

ayudasanitaria larga

Sanitary aid from MGHM in Ecuador, December 2018.


Over the past months, MGHM has helped many in their sanitary needs. Frequently people knock on our doors with a prescription in their hand asking for help to obtain medicine. They also ask for diapers, infant milk or dietary supplements.

Since we began working in El Fortín, Guayaquil, we find ourselves before truly heartbreaking situations. There is so much suffering! Thanks to MGHM benefactors, we attend to the needs presented to us day by day.

Briefly, we would like to share two testimonies:

“At a woman’s house the other day, the situation was terrible. It smelled horrible, as if her body was literally rotting. Still, we felt privileged to be there. Our experience was this: the Lord allowed us see His crucified body and touch His wounds…” We went with a doctor who cleaned her wounds. We hope to continue to help this woman, even if it is just relieving her pain and showing her that she is loved.

“We assist a blind woman who has multiple sclerosis and is bedridden. Her two sons, who are 14 and 17 years old, take care of her. Her husband left her when he became aware of her illness. A youth member of the Home of the Mother visits her every Saturday to bring her food and teach her about God. She went to Confession for the first time and made her First Holy Communion—another miracle! Jesus does not worry about the poverty, but rather enters joyfully into souls. These people come to know his Love through the help we bring her, thanks to you.”

May the Lord bear in mind all the good you do to these people, the friends who open the doors of Heaven to us.

We are counting on you!

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