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Chicken Feathers

St. Philip Neri teaches about the damage gossipping does through a very special penance during confession!

Sally's friends: Britney, Jennifer, Courtney.
St. Philip Neri
The Chicken
The Woman selling the chickens
People at the market(2)
People in church praying(2)
Optional Chickens

Scene 1
NARRATOR: Many years ago, there was a great saint from Italy called Philip Neri. He helped many people to be good Catholics.

(Sally comes out with her friends to center stage. They are laughing, talking, etc.)

NARRATOR: Sally was a girl who lived in that town. She liked to hang out with her friends.(The girls begin to whisper in each other’s' ears, make exaggerated expressions.)

Sally: Did you hear what Annie did? (whispers something to them)

Britney: That’s so weird!

Courtney: I can’t believe she did that.

Jennifer: Me neither! Let’s go tell more people!
(The 3 girls say goodbye to Sally and walk offstage. Sally is alone and starts to think-makes a worried face.)

NARRATOR: Sally’s conscience started to bother her.

Sally: (suddenly brightens up) I should go to confession!

(She leaves the scene)

Scene 2
(Inside the church, St. Philip Neri is confessing a woman and there are some other people praying in the church. Sally kneels down to pray, waiting her turn for confession. When her turn comes, she goes and kneels down next to him.)

Sally: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been two weeks since my last confession.

St. Philip Neri: What are your sins?

Sally: I have gossiped many times.

(Philip Neri makes motions of speaking to her and finally giving absolution as the Narrator is speaking…)

NARRATOR: After hearing her confession, Fr. Neri asked Sally a favor.
(Sally starts to get up and leave—Fr. Neri stops her)

St. Philip Neri: Sally, will you do me a favor? Go buy a chicken, and on the way back here, pluck out all the feathers.

Sally: Yes, Father.

NARRATOR: Sally left to go to the market.
(Sally leaves)

Scene 3
(A busy market place *if you need more characters they can be other people in the market*)

(There is a woman selling chickens *you can have a few girls acting as chickens*)

Sally (approaching the woman selling chickens): Hello! I would like to buy a chicken. How much does one cost?

Woman: 5 dollars. Which one would you like?

Sally: (pointing to the chicken of her choice): That one please!

(Sally gives her money and takes the chicken.)

Sally: Thank you! Have a nice day!

Woman: You too!

(Sally holding chicken exits stage)

Scene 4
(The town. Sally walks all through the town with the chicken, plucking its feathers and throwing them in every direction. Her 3 friends walk through the stage, greet her or laugh at her—whatever you want*make this part funny and over exaggerated*)

(Sally plucks and throws the last feather and stops walking.)

Sally: (sigh of satisfaction) Finally! All the feathers are gone!

NARRATOR: Sally took the chicken and went back to Fr. Neri.

Scene 5
(The church. Sally walks up to St. Philip Neri)

Sally: (handing over the chicken) Here it is, Father!

St. Philip Neri: Thank you, Sally. Now, go back and pick up all the feathers that you just plucked!

Sally: (very unhappy) But Father, that’s impossible! The wind has blown the feathers all over the town!

St. Philip Neri: (smiling) Exactly! It is the same with your gossip. Just like the chicken feathers, your gossip has been scattered in every direction!

Sally: Oohhhh….

St. Philip Neri: Others repeat your words, and in the end it is impossible to pick them all up.

Sally: I understand, Father! I will never gossip about people again.

St. Philip Neri: That will make Jesus very happy.

(Sally skips off the stage, happy.)

NARRATOR: From that day on, Sally always spoke kindly about other people. And that made her a better friend and a happier person.

THE END: (All the cast come out, bow and say together:) "Love your neighbor as yourself!!!"

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