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Cullberry Road

Culberry Road is a play designed for youth and the moral of the story is that nothing lasts for ever, only God is enough!

Narrator 1: Everyone has a dream right? One way or another we all try to plan out our life right? There are a lot of people who say that this world is a “valley of tears”. So much suffering, so much hunger, so much poverty, so much injustice.
Then there are others who say we have to live life to the full “ Carpe Diem”, seize the day.

Narrator 2: For others life is just one big waiting room where they wait for death to call them from this “room” to the next. They have no hope, they have no plan, they feel this great emptiness ……something is missing

Narrator 1: Cullberry Road, the story of five people who were happy with their lives…

Narrator 2: Cullberry Road the story of five people who thought that they were happy with their lives. One can have many things: money, power…

Narrator 1: fame, beauty, success, the list is endless.

Narrator 2: One can have everything and at the same time have nothing

Narrator 1: What would happen if all of theses things where taken away from us.? What then would we turn to? Who would we turn to?

Scene 1
(on stage two boys and a girl, facing audience. They are watching a soccer game. One of the boys is Michelle’s brother- Mike, the other two are his friends. Enter Michelle)

Michelle: Hi Mike, Hi Vicky, Hi Dave

(the three answer her at the same time)

Michelle: What time are Mum and Dad getting back at Mike? (Mike and company are totally absorbed in the game. Their team is losing)

Michelle: Mike? (she gets closer to him. She is impatient) MIKE!

(Mike makes a gesture for his sister to be quiet without taking his eye off the T.V. Suddenly the other team score a goal. Mike and his friends are devastated)

Michelle: It’s just a game guys!

Mike: (dramatically) You don’t understand.

Michelle: So Michael, what time is Mum and Dad getting back at for the 70th time.

Mike: I don’t know Michelle, can’t you see I’m suffering right now?

Dave: Yeah Michelle, this hurts really bad.

(Michelle rolls her eyes and exits as if to go to her room)

Vicky: Didn’t you have something to give to your sister?

Mike: What do you mean?

Vicky: You said remind me to give this to Michelle when she gets in.

(Mike thinks)

Mike: Oh yeah a letter.

Mike:(Mike yells) Michelle! There’s a letter for you on the table!

Michelle: A what?

Mike: A letter!

(Michelle Enters)

Michelle: What sweater?

Mike: Let-ter

(Michelle goes and picks up the letter on the table)

Michelle: Hey, it’s from St Stephens University!

Dave: Isn’t that the cool, new university on Cullberry Road?

Michelle: (screaming and jumping)

( the other three look at her)

Michelle: Oh my gosh…..I got accepted! It’s the university I’ve really wanted to go to.
Do you know what this means to me? How could you possibly know. This is like my dream come true!


(enter Narrators 1&2)

Narrator 1: Michelle Bliss, 18 years old. Smart girl.

Narrator 2: She had to be to get accepted into St Steven’s University.

Michelle: This is my dream come time. I was so nervous. I thought that they would never accept me. St Steven’s University is like one of the best universities in the whole of the United States. This is so great! And it’s known that everyone who graduates from there gets a great job. I’ll be what I’ve always wanted to be- a lawyer! because in St Stephens there is a law program that is just amazing. I am soooo happy! This time next year I’ll be living in the University apartments on Cullberry Road. What more can I ask for?

Scene 2
( young lady- Lisa, sitting nervously waiting for a job interview. Secretary working at her desk. The phone rings.)

Secretary: Hello Break Magazine offices, can I help you? ……He’s busy right now. Can I take a message?……..job interviews for that department will be on Monday, that’s the 14th and also on Thursday, sorry Wednesday the 16th………… take a right at the traffic light…..a right, yes, …..yeah……that will lead you to where we are here at Cullberry Road……O.K, your welcome, bye.

( picks up telephone again and tells Lisa that she can go in)

( Lisa introduces herself, hands in her resume. The interviewer asks her if she would like water etc)

Interviewer: (looking at Lisa’s Resume) I see you’ve worked on other magazines Lisa.

Lisa: Yes. Actually I’ve brought a few of them so that you can have a look (gives magazines to the man) I designed these pages.

Interviewer: I like it.

Lisa: I’ve also worked for different newspapers, well…’s all there on my resume

Interviewer: This is great, nice work. So how long have you worked on designing magazines?

Lisa: Eight years…….I really love doing it.

Interviewer: We could use someone like you here.


Lisa: When he said that my heart started beating so fast. Was he going to give me the job or did he just say that to everyone? I don’t know. I just wanted the job. To work on the Break Magazine is a real big thing. It’s one of the fastest selling magazines in America. This would be such a step up for me!.

(freeze finishes)

Interviewer: Okay Lisa, if you can leave us your resume and we’ll get back to you.

Lisa: It has my number, right?

Interviewer: Yeah, 368 4765

Lisa: Exactly (they say goodbye and as Lisa is near the door)

Interviewer: You know what Lisa, I’m going to give you a try

Lisa: (excitedly) I got the job! (more calmly) I mean, I got the job?

Interviewer: It’ll be like a test week starting on Thursday and we’ll see how it goes. I’d like to see more of your work.

(Lisa leaves. As she passes the secretary she says “goodbye” very enthusiastically)

(enter Narrators)

Narrator 1: Way to go Lisa

Narrator 2: you got the job that you were looking for


Scene 3
(group of people standing with wine glasses in their hands. Some of them as they see Pete start saying “ he’s here”, they applaud. They are waiting for the inauguration of his new restaurant)

Pete: Here I am about to open my 7th restaurant. This is where I grew up- Cullberry Road. If you were to tell me 35 years ago that I was going to open up a beautiful new restaurant
Here I would have probably laughed in your face (laughs). I have this feeling that this restaurant is going to be pretty successful, it’s quite a promising little spot. I hope you all enjoy the food …….I do (laughs) You’ll see that inside is very elegant, chic if you will as are all my restaurants. The president actually came to eat at the one I have in California. You’ll find that the service here, my employees are excellent. Well, what more is there to say ( they raise their glasses) To my new restaurant Gatoe ( cuts ribbon) ( all applaud)

(enter Narrators)

Narrator 1: Mr. Pete Laffret is a very rich man

Narrator 2: Didn’t he say that this was his 7th restaurant?

Narrator 1: and an expensive one too. You know what? There are so many people who just live for money.

Narrator 2: It’s sad but true…..


Scene 4
( on the left hand side of the stage, a group of college students talk, read. Brian is telling joke. They all laugh)

Gina: Does anyone know if Dr. Maguire is here today?

Donna: I haven’t seen him

Gina: Did you guys see the video he put on the other day?

Zack: Which one?

Gina: The one where…..

(enter Robert running)

Robert: She said yes….I just asked her and she said yes……….she just said yes!!

Laura: Who? What? When? And where?

Brandon: He just asked Rachel to marry him

Zack: ..and what did she say…….( pointing to Robert)

Brian: Congratulations Buddy! ( they all congratulate him)

( on the right hand side of the stage 3 girls- one studying, another painting her nails another reading a book. Enter Rachel)

Rachel: I’m getting married!!!

Paige: You’re getting what!?

Rachel: Rob just asked me to marry him

Brandy: And what did you say?

Lauren: “Yes” obviously, she said she’s getting married

(the three of them start screaming and hugging Rachel)

Paige: so how did he ask you?

Rachel: Well, we were sitting on the little hill beside the science lab……..

(flashback. Rachel and Robert sit at the edge of the stage. The rest are in a freeze frame)

Rachel: Do you know what tomorrow is?

Robert: Tuesday?

Rachel: Yeah, but the date

Robert: the 10th?

Rachel: Mhm. And what happened on the 10th of May 3 years ago?

Robert: it was your grandma’s birthday?

Rachel: No, her birthday is on August!

Robert:……..I knew that

Rachel: So?

(Robert thinks)

Rachel: Does the word anniversary ring a bell to you?

Robert: (pretending that he knows what she’s talking about)

Rachel: I can’t believe you forgot Rob!

Robert: I didn’t, I just didn’t remember.

Rachel: Yeah, that’s what I thought! (Rachel gets up)

Robert: Rach, wait. Actually I wanted to ask you something

Rachel: Like when’s our anniversary?

Robert: No (he gets down on his knee)

Rachel: What are you doing?

(Robert takes the ring out of his pocket)

( Rachel and Robert return to their friends)

Rachel:  (to her friends) and that’s when he said “will you marry me?”

Robert: (to his friends) and she said………

All: yes!

Robert: Tonight we’re going to tell her parents

Brandon: Where do they live?

Robert: Cullberry Road.


Robert (to audience) Can you believe she said yes. Well, I thought she would say yes but last night I had this nightmare she said no……but she said yes and I suppose she means it…….of course she means it. Now we’ll be together forever. It doesn’t get much better than this!


Scene 5
( stage has a lot of boxes. Enter Jake carrying a big box. His father Phillip is already on stage moving boxes)

Jake: Dad, is this the last box?

Phillip: There’s just a few more son (enter Julia)

Julia: That’s what you said an hour ago Dad!

Philip: Come on guys the quicker we get this done the better.

Julia: Moving house is definitely not my favorite to do. When I get my own house I’m going to live there FOREVER!

Jake: Hey but sis, it’s a cool house: you can’t deny it. It’s moms dream house. Check out what they put in the bathroom. (they both exit)

(Enter Sylvia)

Sylvia: Isn’t this just great. Finally we’re moved in.

Phillip: It sure is.

Sylvia: Did you give the architect the check already?

Phillip: Yep, it’s all taken care of

Sylvia: (sits down and makes a sigh of relief) I can’t believe we’re here. When do you think we can start living here?

Phillip: Well, first we have to put everything in its place, right? It depends on how fast we do that

Sylvia: I hope it’s soon.

(Freeze. enter Narrators)

Narrator 1: Sylvia and Phillip have been working really hard to buy this brand new house.

Narrator 2: It’s one of the biggest houses on Cullberry Road. Everyone in the neighbour peeked through their curtains to try and see who the lucky new neighbors are.

Sylvia: I’m so tired. I’ve been working overtime to be able to buy this house. My husband too. But you know what I’m going to explode with joy. This house is everything that I’ve always wanted!

Scene 6
(clear stage. Dim lights. Music. Enter Michelle, Lisa, Pete, Robert, Sylvia& Phillip
Voice in off “ radio report”)

Radio broadcaster: A bomb ahs been dropped on Cullberry Rd. at 5:43pm. Some victims have been killed, others have been seriously injured. Most of the buildings on the Street have been completely decimated. We’re going to speak now to Martin Resko who’s there now in Cullberry Road. Martin?

Martin: Yes Suzanne here I am in the middle of the rubble and remains. This is truly devastating. It has taken everyone completely by surprise (the volume goes down)

(lights. Characters on stage go a mime in slow motion showing their distress. Music)

(enter narrators)

Narrator 1: Everyone has a dream, right? One way or another we all try to plan out our life right?

Narrator 2: When we plan our lives are our plans the same as Gods plans? Is our dream to do what God wants?

Narrator 1: There are a lot of people who say that this world is like a “valley of tears” and it is because that’s what we make it. Who can free us from the deep sadness that we have in our hearts?

Narrator 2: Who can console us, strengthen us and give us hope when the University I planned to go to is totally destroyed? When the great job that I was just offered now doesn’t exist?

Narrator 1: When the new restaurant that was going to give lots of money is now like dust on the ground. When the one I love dies, when my dream house……….

Narrator 2: God. He is the Only One who can help us bear our cross in moments like these. He is our Light and Our Hope and He promised that He would stay with us forever, even when everything else disappears…..

Narrator 1: Everything in this world comes and goes. Everything passes. Nothing lasts forever……Only God.

(lights go down. Song)


Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

Sr. Clare Continues Among “The Saints Next Door”

A year ago Sr. Clare was invited to partake in the exposition “Young Witness of the Faith, the Saints Next Door.”

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