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Mother Seton

This is a skit to make the audience laugh!  There are four children in Mother Seton's school, but each student is made up of two children, one behind the other.  The arms of the one in the front are the arms of the child behind him, he keeps his own arms hidden.  The skit was thought of for the younger children in summer camp but obviously can be adapted.

Mother Seton and the school children – Sleeping bag people
Mother Seton (group leader)
Child #1 (2 people)
Child #2 (2 people)
Child #3 (2 people)
Child #4 (2 people)

Mother Seton: Welcome to the Mother Seton School for girls. I am about to wake the girls up, today we have a lot to learn!

Mother Seton: Wake up children, wake Up!

Children: (waking up, yawning and stretching) Good morning Mother Elizabeth.

Mother Seton: Do your hair and brush your teeth.

(The arms of the people behind do the front people’s hair and brush their teeth with toothpaste)

Mother Seton: Okay children, now it’s time to eat.

Child #1: Yay, I am so hungry!

Child #2: What’s for Breakfast?

Child #3: I’m still tired can I go back to bed?

Child #4: I’m cold, can I have some hot chocolate?

(The arms of the people behind feed the front people whatever food that Mother Seton gives them)

*Food Suggestions
Cola Cao
Mashed potatoes
Whipped cream

(Mother Seton cleans up the food)

Mother Seton: Now Children, we will have Music lessons!

Child #1: Okay, what song will we learn today?

Child #2: Let’s sing the Jesus song!

Child #3: No, let’s sing the Mary song!

Child #4: I want to learn a new song!

Mother Seton: Today we will learn: Jesus Loves Me!

All the Children: YAY!

(Mother Seton “teaches” the children the song. Then the girls in the back come out and they all sing the song together. Standing in a line, they bow and then say: Thank you Jesus for bringing us to this camp!”, but each one saying one word as shown below)

“Thank”, “You”, “Jesus”, “for”, “bringing”, “us”, “to this”, “camp!”


Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

Sr. Clare Continues Among “The Saints Next Door”

A year ago Sr. Clare was invited to partake in the exposition “Young Witness of the Faith, the Saints Next Door.”

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