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Nativity Play (for little ones)

A simple Christmas play for little children, perfect for a class play or any group activity with kids. 


Mary, Joseph, Messenger, Sheep, Cow, Donkey, Angel1, Inn-keepers, Angel2, Chorus, Angel 3, Angel 4, Shepherd 1, Shepherd 2, Shepherd 3, Shepherd 4, Herod, 3 Wise Men, 6 Children bearing gifts

Narrator: A long time ago in a town called Nazareth there lived a young woman called Mary and a young carpenter called Joseph. (Enter Mary and Joseph, walking across stage. Mary sits on stool. Joseph exits)
They loved each other very much and they also loved God very much. Mary of Nazareth was very special because God had chosen her to be the Mother of His Only Son. God sent the angel Gabriel to ask Mary if she would be the Mother of God.

(Enter angel, standing in front of Mary)

Angel 1: Mary, you are the chosen one. Soon you will have a baby boy. He will be very special. He will be the Son of God and you must call him Jesus. (Exit angel and Mary)

Narrator: Soon after the angel’s visit, Herod, the ruler of the land, gave an order.

(Enter messenger)

Messenger: By order of the emperor, everyone must return to the place they were born to pay a special tax. (Exit messenger ,enter Joseph showing that he is worried)

Narrator: Joseph was worried. He was born in a place called Bethlehem. It was a long way away and Mary’s baby was due any time. Joseph and Mary knew they had to go and they prepared for the journey. (enter Mary; the two start putting their things in bags)

(enter chorus)


(Mary and Joseph walk with the donkey)

Narrator: Mary rode to Bethlehem on a donkey, with Joseph walking by her side. Remember, Mary was about to have a baby, so it was a very long dangerous journey. Mary and Joseph were very grateful to their faithful donkey who carried Mary so bravely and so carefully.

Mary: Thank you little donkey

Donkey: You’re welcome.

Narrator: It took many days to reach Bethlehem. When they arrived, Mary was very tired. They needed to find somewhere to stay, but the town was crowded with lots of other travellers and every inn they went to was full.

(enter inn-keepers)

Joseph: Let’s go and see if they have room for us (Joseph knocks on the door and asks if there is any room for them)

Inn-keeper: No, I’ve got a full house.

(they ask two more and the two shake their heads)

Narrator: Eventually, seeing how tired they both looked, one kind innkeeper took pity on them.

Inn Keeper: I have no room at the inn but you can stay in the stable where I keep my animals. It is dry and warm. Mary and Joseph thanked him and were shown to the stable. (Mary, Joseph and inn keeper walk across stage going out of one door and in the other. Meanwhile, the stage is set for stable e.g. manger and stools are put on stage. Enter animals)

Narrator: During the night Mary gave birth to Jesus. She wrapped him in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger full of hay.
(Mary cuddles baby, wraps him in cloth and then places him in the manger)

Cow: Let’s moooove a little bit closer to Child.

Sheep: We might wake up the baaaaby Jesus.

Donkey: No, he haw, he haw he’s already awake

(Enter shepherds watching sheep - other side of stage)

Narrator: Nearby on a hillside overlooking the town some shepherds were watching over their sheep. As they did so a very bright light came into the sky. (Enter angel) The light was an angel sent by God.

Angel 2: Do not to be afraid I have good news. The Son of God has been born. You will find him in a stable in Bethlehem. (Exit angel)


Narrator: The shepherds were excited and went to Bethlehem to find Jesus. (Shepherds exit stage, walk round, and enter other side) When they found Jesus they were filled with joy. They told Mary and Joseph about the angel in the sky.

Shepherd 1: This must be the Son of God.

Shepherd 2: The angel told us he will be the saviour of the world.

Shepherd 3: Can I kiss His feet?

Shepherd 4: Thank You God for giving us Your Son.

(Enter Wise men -other side of stage- pointing at a star)

Narrator: A long way away in the East three wise kings who studied the stars saw a new very bright star shining in the sky. They knew that this meant a great ruler had been born.


Narrator: The three wise men decided to go and find the baby. Thinking that the baby King would be in the palace they went to see King Herod.

(Wise men knock on door of the palace, bow and enter the palace)

Wise men: (all at the same time) We have come to see the new king of the Jews .

Herod: (Angrily) New King? You tell me there’s a new King? What do you mean? This is terrible news. I am the King! There is no new king here. Please go and find him and then return to tell me where he is so that I may also honour him and bring him gifts. (Wise Men bow and exit)

Narrator: Although Herod had told the wise men he wanted to take gifts to the new born king he was really angry as he thought that this new king might take away his throne. At night, he had bad dreams. He was so worried and jealous about the arrival of the new king.

Narrator: The wise men followed the star to the stable in Bethlehem. They found Jesus lying in a manger. They gave him gifts of Gold, frankincense and myrrh. (each of the wise men say I bring you this gift of…..)


Narrator: All through the night, local people visited the baby with small gifts and presents. (Children bearing gifts enter, and stay on the stage)

1st Child: I give you my ball Baby Jesus so that you can play soccer with Your Dad when You’re older.

2nd Child: I bring you these markers so that you can draw pictures for your Mom.

3rd Child: I bring You these cookies – they’re my favourite! (three children present Jesus their hearts)
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let us not forget what Christmas is all about, let us not forget that it is Jesus’ Birthday. This Christmas let us try and keep a clean heart so that Jesus can be born there too and we ask Him now and always to be the centre of our lives.



Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

A Tribute to Sr. Clare in Costa Rica

Dúo Santa Cecilia (St. Cecilia Duo) sang I Prefer Paradise as a tribute to Sr. Clare on the third anniversary of her death.

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