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That's what it's all about (Christmas)

A Christmas play for older children, or adolescents, to teach about the real meaning of Christmas.

Maria,Jordan, Marybeth,
Steve, Pete, Jim,
Charlene, Mike, Louise,


(Stage left. Charlene and Denise are sitting in their bedroom. Charlene finishes writing her Christmas list)

CHARLENE: Done! I beat you!

DENISE: You’re finished already?


DENISE: So, what did you ask for?

(Charlene lets a large roll of paper fall)

CHARLENE: Well…….I really want that brown swayed coat with the cute furry collar…the new improved electric toothbrush, a…….

DENISE: I asked for one of those too! We’re going to have to get different colors ‘cause if not that could be nasty!

CHARLENE: Deal! O.K so……………..

(Both at the same time say)

BOTH: Purple!

DENISE: Fine, I’ll get red

(Charlene goes back to reading her list)

CHARLENE: So the next I have on my must have Christmas list is…….


(Freeze frame. Lights down on stage left, lights up on stage right. Maria is standing up talking on the telephone)

MARIA: Oh yeah, I know……well so far I’ve got 25 over for Christmas dinner so I’m pretty busy preparing that…………………Nina told me hat I should do some stuffing with that……………..hey, good idea…………………O.K, I’ll talk to you soon. Don’t forget to send me the recipe. O.k.………Bye Doe, bye.

(Writes something down on paper. Steve Enters.)

MARIA: Hi honey. How was your day?

(Throws briefcase on the floor, loosens his tie. He is not very happy)

STEVE: Worse than yesterday.

MARIA: What now?

STEVE: The Patterson Company still hasn’t signed the contract. Where am I supposed to get the money from for the deposit on the new building? I’ve got all this paper work to do and I have to finish it before December 28th, which gives me six days. It looks like I’m going to be working on Christmas day.

MARIA: Steve, you can’t work on Christmas day!

STEVE: Why not?

MARIA: Because it’s Christmas.

STEVE: Yeah and “tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la” but what do you want me to do about it Maria? This contract business is important. I just can’t afford…….WE just can’t afford to take Christmas vacation off.

MARIA: And what about all the people I invited over for dinner Steve?

STEVE: They can still come, I just won’t be here.

MARIA: That’s just great, just great. Christmas, for your information is all about family time. Family getting together, family eating together. Isn’t that what it’s all about Steve? Obviously not for you. (Maria walks out)

STEVE: MARIA! (Close curtain)


(Enter right door in Jordan hall, laughing. Jump up on the middle of the stage)

PETE: So does Dino know about the party?

JORDAN: Of course he does Einstein, he’s the D.J!

MIKE: Yeah well you gotta check out the music that he bringing ‘ cause he told me that his Mom has some cool C.D’s and his Mom listens to Frank Sinatra and we don’t want no Sinatra numbers at our party.

PETE: Dude that would be tragic!

JORDAN: O.K I’ll take care of it.

PETE: This is going to be the Christmas party of the century!

MIKE: They’re gonna be calling us the “Party maestros” after this dig.

(They do a high five)

JORDAN: O.K guys I’m peacin’ out. Its dinner time at my house and you know how my Mom gets when I’m late.

(Exit Jordan stage left and Pete and Mike stage right)


(open curtain. Family is sitting at the table.)

CHARLENE: I can’t believe it’s the 22nd of December already. It’s almost Christmas!

DENISE: I know I wish God wish just do us a favor and make it snow and it would be soooooo perfect. All the presents, no school, family, the great dinner that Mom’s going to make us, right Mom?

MARIA: I just wish all of us could be there!

JORDAN: Mom I’ll be going to the party after dinner.

MARIA: You’re father won’t be here…

STEVE: I’ll be here Maria.

CHARLENE: Mom, Dad don’t know what’s going on but Christmas is a happy time. Let’s celebrate it how we should. You’re going to love the presents I got you….

(Maria covers her mouth. She has just remembered something)

MARIA: Oh no! What time is it?

JORDAN: It’s 5:30, why?

MARIA: I told Jim and Marybeth that we would go over there this evening. They bought these new Christmas lights that go all around the outside of the house and they cost Jim a fortune…….they wanted us to be there when they plugged them in.

STEVE: What time did you say we’d be there at?

MARIA: 6:00

DENISE: Well if we leave now we’ll get there on time.

JORDAN: I’ll drive Mom

(Altogether): NOOO!!!

MARIA: O.K lets go!

(Close curtain)


(Open curtain. Centre stage Marybeth and Jim. Jim has a remote control in his hand)

JIM: So, why aren’t they working?

MARYBETH: Are you sure they’re plugged in properly Jim?, let me go check.

(Marybeth walks off Jim stays there looking for a solution. Enter Marybeth again )

MARYBETH: Yeah they’re plugged in, but maybe it’s the socket……

(Enter Louise)

LOUISE: How’s it going?

JIM: It’s not!

(Enter family, stage right)

MARIA: Sorry, we’re late.

CHARLENE: Did we miss it?

MARYBETH: No, they’re not working, and we don’t have anywhere else to plug them into.

STEVE: Well, where is that Nativity scene plugged into?

JIM: Hey, yeah that’s a great idea we can just unplug the Nativity thing, and plug the new Christmas house lights into that socket. It’s not as if it’s that important anyway.

LOUISE: Not that important, not that important! This right here is the most important thing that you’ve probably got in your whole house because of what it represents. So your fancy new lights are more important to you than thinking about the birth of Jesus. What does Christmas mean to you?

JORDAN: I’m going to celebrate it by having a cool party

CHARLENE: I bought almost everyone I know a gift.

MARIA: I’ve been preparing Christmas dinner for I don’t know how long

DENISE: My Christmas list this year isn’t that long.

STEVE: My business is suffering, I don’t have time to think about Christmas

LOUISE: So that’s all Christmas is for you: presents, food and parties? Haven’t you stopped to think what happens on that day? God become Man. God becomes a baby. A little baby who needs someone to feed Him, to clothe Him, to hold Him. And He does this knowing that one day they will crucify Him so hat we can be saved. The gift that we should be thinking about is this gift of live. God becomes Man. This is the real meaning of Christmas. This is what it’s all about.

(Freeze frame. Close curtain)

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

Sr. Clare Continues Among “The Saints Next Door”

A year ago Sr. Clare was invited to partake in the exposition “Young Witness of the Faith, the Saints Next Door.”

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