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The Princess and the Kiss

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A creative play for young people, to teach abut purity and chastity.  To download and print out copies, click here.

Narrator 1, Narrator 2
Princess, Queen, King,Servant
Kiss 1, Kiss 2 (The costume for the kiss is a cardboard cut-out of a Hershey kiss covered in tin foil. There’s a face-hole in the center of the kiss; it’s worn like a mask)
Prince Peacock, Prince Romance, Prince Treasurechest (and 2 or 3 servants)

(Narrator appears on the side of the stage. The King and the Queen are in the center of the stage. The queen has a ‘baby’ in her arms.)

Narrator 1: Long ago, in a wonderful castle on a mountain of splendor, a beautiful Princess was born. Her parents were the King and Queen of the mountain and the green valley below. The King and Queen loved the little princess even before she was born. 

(The King walks the side of the stage where the “kiss” is standing. He grabs the “kiss” by the hand and leads her to the queen, the “kiss” stands behind the king and queen looking at the baby.)

Narrator 2: On the day she came into the world, the royal couple gave their daughter a very special gift from God- her first kiss. 

(The king and queen walk to the right of the stage and place the kiss in place. On the left side of the stage the princess appears.)

Narrator 1: While the Princess was growing up, the King and Queen kept this precious gift safe in their care. When the Princess was finally grown, the king and queen called her to their side.

(The king and queen walk to the center of the stage and call the princess)

Queen: We have something very special to give you.

(The princess is very excited and follows her parents up a winding stair case; they walk in circles like their climbing)

Narrator 2: Up, up, up the royal family went to a secret room in a tower of the castle.  On an elegant table in the center of the room was the same gift given to the Princess long ago...the kiss. (The kiss is seated on the floor.)

Queen: "God gave this gift to you on the day you were born, because he loves you dearly."

King: "And now this kiss is yours to keep... or give away as you see fit. Or you can keep the kiss forever, reserving it for God alone.”

Narrator 1: The Princess stared in amazement. She had never before received such a wonderful present. (The princess walks to the kiss and helps her to stand up.)

King: "But use wisdom, my daughter, and save your kiss for the man you will marry. Never part with it for the sake of a stranger."

Narrator 2: The wise little Princess took her father's words to heart and kept the kiss safe in the castle tower.  But there were many days when she went to gaze at her precious possession.  She wondered how she could ever give it up. (The princess stares at the kiss, walks away and then comes back etc..)

Narrator 1: Finally there came a day when suitors began to appear, asking for the Princess's hand in marriage. The first man who came to court her was Prince Peacock. 

(The princess and her kiss are on the right hand side of the stage. The princess stands facing the audience, the kiss is ‘behind’ her farther to the right. The prince enters from the left, showing off his muscles)

Prince Peacock: "See the great muscles I have, Princess! I will always be able to save you from danger.  I can run faster and jump higher than any other prince in the world.  I am mighty! (He gets down on one knee very dramatically but still showing off his muscles)  Marry me, for I am the man among all men".

Narrator 2: The princess watched as Prince Peacock lifted heavy boulders and ran the length of the castle wall.  His strength was impressive, but the wise Princess saw that his heart was full of himself.  She knew there would be no room for her kiss there. (The princess turns around and looks at her ‘kiss’, the ‘kiss’ shakes her head as if to say no.) So the princess sent Prince Peacock away.

Narrator 1: The next day, Prince Romance came to visit the princess.  He brought dozens of roses and boxes of chocolates.

(The prince walks enters from the left scattering rose petals as he walks)

Prince Romance: I can take you to many far off place, princess. We will eat the choicest foods.  We will see marvelous sights.  (He gets down on one knee) Marry me, princess. Every day will seem like a honeymoon if you are with me.

Narrator 2: The princess thought about what Prince Romance had said.  It sounded very interesting and exciting, but the wise Princess knew that honeymoons and wonderful feelings could not last forever. The Prince would lose interest in her kiss.

(The princess looks back at her ‘kiss’ again who shakes her head no.)

The Princess turned Prince Romance politely away.

Narrator 1: On the following morning, Prince Treasurechest came to call. He brought gifts or gold, jewels and costly silken robes.

(The prince enters from the left. He enters with 2 or 3 servants who pretend to be carrying chests of gold, they set the chests before the princess)

Prince Treasurechest: See the presents I have brought you, Princess. You will never lack fine clothes. (He gets down on one knee before the princess, showing her all his jewels.) Marry me, Princess, for I can give you the best of everything.

Narrator 2: Indeed, when the Princess saw the beautiful things the Prince had brought for her, she did not doubt that he would buy her anything her heart desired. 

Princess: (The princess looks at all his riches and then looks back at her kiss) But with all these riches he does not need my kiss.  My kiss will not be special to him.

Narrator 1: So the Princess sent Prince Treasurechest away too. Many men came, one by one to ask the Princess's hand in marriage. One by one she turned them all away.  None seemed worthy of her kiss. (Several other suitors enter, get down on one knee, are rejected and leave)  She began to doubt that she would ever find a husband. One night she spoke to her mother, the Queen, about her fears.

(The princess, with her kiss behind her, and the queen in center stage)

Princess: "Mama, will I ever find a man so special that I will be able to give him my kiss?"

Queen: Oh yes my dear, I think God will bring a husband to you.  But if he does not, the kiss will be yours to keep and give to God alone.

Narrator 2: The Princess took comfort in that thought, for she knew that God could be trusted, and she cherished the kiss with all that she was.

(The princess looks consoled and walks to the right side of the stage, smiling and playing with her ‘kiss’)

(The farmer enters from the left, behind him enters his kiss)

Narrator 1: The next day a common man came to the castle. He asked to see the Princess.  The man was dressed in farmer's clothes and did not look like the suitors who had lately come to call.  Strong and handsome, his hands were rough from working in the King's fields and his face was tanned from the sun.

(The princess, her kiss, and her parents are walking around ‘the garden’ on the right side of the stage. The prince and his kiss are lead by a servant from the left side of the stage)

Narrator 2: The servants stared as he was led through the castle. The man was taken to the royal garden where the Princess and her parents were walking among the rose bushes. The farmer bowed humbly, and addressed the king and Queen. 

Farmer: May I speak with your daughter?

Narrator 1: The Princess' mother and father were surprised.  Who was this man?  He seemed common yet kindness was his manner.  Nodding slowly, the King and Queen moved aside and stood close by. (The King and Queen move to the back of the stage, watching ‘from a distance’) The man looked into the Princess's eyes.

(As the prince and princess are talking the princess’ kiss is behind her and the prince’s kiss is behind him. Occasionally they ‘peek out’ from behind the prince or princess, trying to see the other kiss and waving at each other. The princess’ kiss is ‘embarrassed’ etc.)

Farmer: I have worked in your father's fields for many years.  I prayed and watched and waited for one who could be my wife, yet found no one. Then one day I saw you walking on the palace lawn.  Your beauty was marvelous and your purity sparkled like diamonds.

Narrator 2: The Princess blushed and her heart began to beat wildly. (She looks back at her kiss who nods enthusiastically)

Farmer: I have little to offer you, Princess. I have no gold.  I have no means to travel the earth.  I am not as strong as many...

Narrator 1: The farmer stopped and the princess was afraid he would not continue.

Farmer: But I do have one very special gift I can give to you. (He turns around and takes his kiss by the arm and presents it to the princess. The princess also presents her kiss. The 2 kisses stand together facing the audience on the far side of the prince and princess)This is my first kiss Princess. God gave this to me on the day I was born.  My parents kept it for me until I became a man.  I have saved it all my life for you. (He gets down on one knee) Would you be my wife?

(The king and queen approach from behind)

Narrator 2: The King, Queen and the Princess rejoiced and embraced the humble farmer.  Was there any doubt that he was the one the Princess had been waiting for?  The Princess thought her heart would burst with joy.

Princess: Yes. Oh, yes, with all my heart!


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